“And this is the vision I had. The train had come and I boarded it. I had a ticket and a seat… I saw the Conductor come by so I asked Him, ‘What is this train?’ He said, ‘This is the Glory Train!’ Now I said, ‘Where are we heading?’ He said, ‘To any city that wants it!’ 

…And every time you hear the train whistle it will remind you of the coming glory…”

—Bob Jones, Glory Train vision 


August 21, 6pm Glory Train Fredericksburg, The Prayer Furnace, Fredericksburg VA. Note: time changed from 7pm!

The Glory Train journey kicked off with two very powerful meetings this weekend, centered on God’s covenant with the nation. We are seeing this covenant established in our hour! And we are seeing His move of awakening and union overcome the hatred and violence the enemy had tried to impose on our land. 

Revelation from the Throne has been so clear. In days ahead I will share more comprehensively. But right now I wanted to give you a heads up that the meeting tonight at the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace is actually at 6pm, not 7pm as we reported. My apologies for this—I just found out. 

OK! This train is bound for glory… such a privilege to minister with David Bradshaw and the Prayer Furnace staff who are hosting the 50 state, 50 tent Awaken the Dawn on the National Mall. 

Is the Eclipse a Sign?
It’s extraordinary that the ministry time in Fredericksburg converges with the date of the solar eclipse across our nation. As we head towards Fredericksburg, the dimmed light from the darkened sun is seriously unsettling. Anne Graham Lotz felt the Lord was giving a severe warning to America through this event. A scripture literally leapt off the page at her from the Book of Joel. You’re probably familiar with it.

“The sun turns to darkness, the moon into blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord” (Joel 2:31). 

We wholeheartedly agree with her call for national repentance. We are indeed in dire straits. But the day referred to above is not just terrible, it’s great. We will see a move of God!

Note that President Trump is set to make an announcement on Afghanistan tonight. This weekend the Spirit of God made clear we are on war footing, and highlighted Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Williamsburg for prayer. I saw a star rising in the region that will guide America through many challenges. Please pray for our military and intelligence communities!

That said, again please pray for us tonight. Covenant blessings…