9-22: Jerusalem—Key of David

Special Davids Tent Prayer Call Weds! Jon joining from Jerusalem! Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

What a time to dwell in His shadow! Jolene and I are praying for you from Jerusalem as the Feast of Tabernacles is in full swing. Last night God became a bit invasive. The team was honored to be invited to an elegant home in the Old City to celebrate Succot. Just as we were seated, the first rain since May poured through rooftop succots and cobblestone streets.

Despite plates of bread becoming saturated and wine diluted, our new friends were quite literally singing in the rain. What we would call drought is almost the norm in Israel, and this early rain was perceived as a sign of God’s blessing.

I couldn’t agree more. Especially as we prayed for the restoration of rain on Mount Carmel just a day before! With wild Koreans, who overtook the Carmelite sanctuary with tongues of fire and Holy Ghost travail. God is birthing!

Speaking of which… thank you so much for praying for the Nazareth gathering. We attended simply as guests, and it was amazing to hear local leaders pray the same things The Lord had been communicating to us. That a “midnight cry” is being released to awaken His bride. That Nazareth is a womb, birthing breakthrough and awakening!

I truly believe we have now entered into this new season. The joy was tangible especially in the processional “wedding” dances, with Koreans, Arabs, African Americans, Jews, and even a few Caucasians celebrating Jesus together. And God was very purposeful in releasing His presence directly as the nations came together.

Can anything good come from Nazareth? Nathaniel offered this very serious question while hearing of Jesus’ miracles in the land. Amidst the prayers and celebration, I suddenly felt the Spirit of God quickening this same question in my heart for our own Capitol. “Can anything good come from Washington DC?”

Freedom Nation
Most definitely a noble army of saints have been “blazing,” as Jason Hershey loves to say, in the city and region. But what are we actually exporting? How are we stewarding our national governance and global leadership? Are we discipling nations to serve and follow The Lord?

Lets not assume we know the answer—but instead pray for the Lord to make it so. During our time here, I have become much more aware of the expectation of nations for America to empower the same virtues globally that our founders lived and died for. Our team met with a very prominent rabbi who has devoted his latter days to building bridges between Jews and Christians. When I asked him for his perspective on the US, he made a comment I believe is prophetic. “Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God,” he said, quoting Ben Franklin. Further discussions conveyed that many are hoping America as a freedom nation will stand against the onslaught of tyranny in this hour.

New birth of freedom. Amen.

Watching over America from Israel certainly brings a different perspective. Thank God His great work is being birthed. I am grateful for the collaboration between our nations, and the covenant commitment so many of God’s people share to see His freedom dream here. A city on a hill, a light to the nations. Amen!
On a personal note, wireless is a bit hard to find here, and posting has thus been very difficult. The spiritual intensity in Jerusalem is tangible, and feels similar to DC. Meanwhile, tensions are mounting after two Israeli IDF soldiers were killed in separate incidents in the West Bank and Gaza, I believe. Please keep this situation in prayer. The message of Tabernacles is that God’s house of prayer in Jerusalem will bring healing to the nations.
Also, Healing Tree team leader Abby Abildness has been asked by Rick Ridings to minister tonight! Please pray God’s grace and power for her to convey His heart. We are ministering with Rick a week from now.
Covenant blessings,
Jon & Jolene