7pm Friday, 9:30 am Saturday. On the weekend entering Rosh Hashanah, lets see His Throne of Glory established! Worship by Jamie and Jonathan Fitt of PTOD with special guest James Nesbit and others. 

Nashville—Awakening to a Train Whistle
Greetings from Music City. I awoke early this morning to the sound of a distant train whistle, the words of Bob Jones tumbling through my mind. “Any time you hear a train whistle just say this in your thinking, “I’m on that train, I’m on God’s glory train! My future is in His glory train and that’s where I’ll abide with Him!”

Bob’s word continues with an amazing promise that has defined our faith for every city. But it seems especially strong for Nashville, in a way I simply cannot explain. I guess it’s just now time.

And all of my time down here, that glory train will get bigger and bigger because when it stops in the city, that city will no longer belong to the enemy. It will belong to the Father.”

Lamplighter family, lets continue to pray for the victims of the commuter rail crash in Hoboken, NJ. We rolled through New Jersey as part of the Glory Train, though we were not afforded the privilege of ministering there. Yesterday’s crash and recent terror incidents have brought the Garden State into the forefront of our hearts and prayers.

These incidents also show the current vulnerability of America’s rail system. Upgrades are desperately needed. Focused intercession needed!

Rosh Hashanah—Gateway to Historic Season
OK on to Nashville. Like an unstoppable train, Rosh Hashanah is now ushering us into the most pivotal, historic fall in recent American history. We must now evaluate how we have aligned ourselves with Heaven to maximize the potential while minimizing the threat of personal and national sabotage.

So lets begin with a refresher. The Lord highlighted for 5776 three major themes. Conflict of Thrones, the Glory Train, and the Year of the Tithe. As we reflect and repent, please remember how Spirit-empowered obedience in tithes and offerings was highlighted as a major key to securing Heaven at your gates. While seeing the devourer and his sabotage rebuked! This is such an important promise to realign with NOW. To get back on track!

Call 911! Shaking and Harvest
More recently, the Lord clearly highlighted September 11 this year as the “shaking of the almond tree” for the harvest of nations. Hillary literally fell. And from Brexit to the political revolution in both political parties, the elite structure of nations, tied to a political spirit, is now shaking.

Biblically the shaking of the almond tree represents the accelerated harvest of God’s word. As perceived by the prophet Jeremiah, God is hastening His word to perform it! (Jer. 1:11).

The Spirit of God also highlighted Amos 9:11-15 to us as His hope for the nations. A prayer storm is growing—the restoration of God’s glory in the prayer movement! The plowman is overtaking the reaper. The mountains of Israel are dripping with sweet wine, just as the prophet saw. Nations are coming into view. The tracks are now clear for progressive restoration and harvest according to His covenant promise!

Thrones of Glory
We are in a season of tremendous transition. Can you feel it? New wineskins are forming for our future. As conveyed in Isaiah 22:22-23, deception and corruption are being exposed even as God sets His Eliakims in place. A key revelation for this year is that from region to region, Thrones of Glory are now being established. “I will drive him like a peg in a firm place, and He shall become a Throne of glory to his Father’s house.” The Lord with His people will reign on these thrones!

VAV: the “AND” of Covenant
As part of this transition the Hebrew year 5776 is blossoming into 5777. We posted on this transition on August 31. As most of you know, the word-picture for “6” is the Hebrew letter VAV. Vav looks like a tent peg or a railroad tie. As a connecter, it most often translated as the English word “and.” Like in the first place it is seen in the Bible, in Genesis 1. In the beginning, God created Heaven VAV earth.

But it’s more. Whether with a tent peg or a railroad tie or the cross that redeemed mankind, VAV holds two realms together by penetrating both. It is therefore an appropriate portrayal of covenant. A good way to look at it is that “Vav” is the “and” of covenant.

Vav. Especially with the Glory Train, the year 5776 has been defined by this Hebrew word-picture. But without the important piece I am about to share with you, the “vav” of covenant is actually incomplete. Please pay attention. It’s important for you to grasp the promise being held by Heaven for those who have given their lives this year to vav or stake their claim covenantally this year. It’s really good news!

The Crown of Vav
The Hebrew letter “6” is a VAV. The Hebrew letter “7,” or Zayin, is the number symbolizing covenant and completion. Zayin is also formed as a vav. But 7 brings the missing piece of covenant which 6 is missing.

According to the website, Zayin is considered a CROWNED VAV.

“Just as Vav represents “yashar,” straight light from God to man, so Zayin represents returning light. Just as a woman of valor is the crown of her husband, so Zayin, the seventh letter, is the CROWN OF VAV.” 

The Crown of Vav. This year God is sealing the covenantal consecration you have made with Him. Where you have staked your claim, this year God is coming to crown your VAV with His glory and government!

That’s really good news. Watch how even the Presidential elections become sealed as we shift fully into the Hebraic new year. And if you haven’t yet VAVed as the Lord has compelled you, if you haven’t yet staked your claim to His covenant promise for this season of your life, it is of vital importance that you give yourself NOW to this process.

Because this year God is crowning your covenant commitment, your vav, with His glory and government!

The Glory Train: 5776 to 5777
Beloved, this so makes sense of this emerging Glory Train movement, launched in 5776. Turnaround! Connecting the nation by the Spirit of God. Traversing our borders and boundaries to stake our claim corporately for His “homeland security.” Circling the nation because the Holy Spirit spoke that as we did, we were together presenting the Lord Jesus Christ with a marriage ring. America, married to Jesus!

And now in 5777 it’s time for His glory to seal this covenant.

This act of devotion from the partnership of so many leaders connected us with 45 states and 45 meetings. We are embarking today on the Glory Train relaunch through the final five states. Doing our part together, touching all fifty states for Christ’s glory, His government, His covenant in our land!

But I want to emphasize this Glory Train movement is not ending. In fact it’s just beginning! As Bob Jones prophesied, it’s only going to get bigger and bigger. In Israel, America and in the nations, we are going to see the progressive restoration of God’s glory. Culminating eventually with Heaven’s ultimate Glory Train, the second coming of Jesus Christ!

Vision of VAVing Israel
Vav. 5776. To be met in 5777 by a soon-coming crown of a soon-coming King. Sealing our covenant with His glory!

Most of you know this transition is also what mandated we return to Israel on September 11. On the morning of Tuesday, September 6, the Lord gave me a prophetic vision of VAVing a stake in the area of Mount Zion. Jolene and I were praying about a sudden journey to Israel. Was God really compelling us to go at this last-minute?

But a package in the mail sealed the deal. On Tuesday evening, we received a big cardboard box from Kansas leader Sandy Newman. In it were a framed proclamation from Gov. Brownback, a hammer, and a golden stake.


Even our journey reflects the transition from 6 to 7. Confirmation received on September 6. Tickets to Israel purchased on Wednesday morning, September 7. To fly out September 11.

Our goals were simple. We sought to consecrate our newly-inherited ministry Prayer Storm to the Lord, and to reconsecrate Lamplighter and the Glory Train to the Lord.

And we especially wanted to VAV this Glory Train movement to the Lord on Mount Zion, according to the vision. I knew we had to stake our claim from the very ground where the ultimate expression of His “Glory Train” both began and will culminate. The original and ultimate “Throne of Glory!”

And we had to get the stake in the ground—for past, present and future—before 5776 came to an end.

Fireworks on Zion—Sign!
It was extraordinary to minister the Glory Train message at Succat Hallel with Rick and Patti Ridings, overlooking Mount Zion, the Mount of Olives, and the Temple Mount. Remember how Bob Jones prophesied that the glory would become so strong in certain areas it would be visibly seen. Like fireworks. When we ministered in Brunswick GA, literal fireworks began to go off!

And when we ministered in Jerusalem, from the area of the City of David where the glory originally shone, FIREWORKS WENT OFF.

Twice in the same night. We all watched in awe from Succat Hallel’s extraordinary window to the world. Did I mention the streets of Jerusalem were filled with runners at that very time, from a special Maccabim Race? Maccabees. The original lamplighters. Racing through the streets!

You cannot make this stuff up.

The Crowned Vav
Another profound experience in Jerusalem is going to bring us to a close. Please consider that our hearts are deeply connected with all we are sharing. It is so sacred to us.

Jolene and I joined with our friend Linda Wyatt early Thursday morning, September 22, to launch Prayer Storm with our Lamplighter family on our national call. James Goll joined in for an incredible time. Keep in mind Thursday at 4am Israel time is actually 9:00 pm East Coast time. We lit the special menorah that had been given to us, consecrating Prayer Storm, Lamplighter and the Glory Train movement to the Lord.

We then ate breakfast and prepared for a special meeting later in the morning with Asher Intrater. Asher is one of the foremost Messianic Jewish apostles in the world. His revelatory teaching and deep humility have impact hundreds of thousands in the body of Christ with a deeper understanding of our Jewish roots.

Asher was actually one of only a few leaders to prophesy over us regarding Israel, more than a decade ago. And his book “Covenant Relationships” became a foundational catalyst for everything we’ve given ourselves to in regards to divorcing Baal and seeing covenant with Christ restored as a nation.

I’ll never forget a statement from page 143 which prophesied of my own heritage. “The Pilgrims saw themselves as a new Israel,” Asher wrote, “a nation wholly in covenant with God.”

We had the privilege of visiting a Moshav near Jerusalem Thursday morning, September 22, to experience Asher’s teaching and then briefly connect with him. My heart was bursting to share what the Lord has brought forth, immensely inspired by Asher’s prophetic words and teaching.

But before I could even share, Asher began to teach us prophetically. To paraphrase, he shared how Jesus—Yeshua—is the fulfillment of Isaiah 22:22. Our Eliakim! Given the Key of David, He opens and no man shuts, and He shuts and no man opens. But the next verse says that “I will drive Him like a peg in a firm place, and He will become a throne of Glory to His Father’s house…”

Asher conveyed how God the Father literally pegged Jesus into the earth to redeem mankind. From the time of Christ’s resurrection the VAV of the cross and the Key of David have literally CIRCLED THE EARTH in proclamation of the Gospel.

But the Lord is now in process of PUTTING THIS STAKE back into the ground of Jerusalem. This time as King! Jesus, the Throne of Glory to His Father’s house…

Tears filled my eyes. All of our eyes. Asher had no idea that a vision of a peg in God’s covenant land compelled us to make this 9-11 journey to Israel.

I reached into my bag. And trembling, I handed my friend Asher Intrater the golden railroad spike that God had commanded me to bring. Representing the Glory Train. To be driven like a peg in a firm place. Becoming a Throne of Glory promised by the Father for His house.

Yeshua—The Crowned VAV
On our part, we saw this peg as staking our claim to the inheritance the Lord has granted us for Israel and America. Prayer Storm. Glory Train. Lamplighter. Turnaround. The divorcement of Baal, and the restoration of covenant with Christ. Ultimately, the restoration of His glory in the places where His covenant flame once burned brightly.

But Asher saw an even higher vision. Yeshua, vaved to a cross that was violently pegged into His covenant land. Yeshua, resurrected and crowned. Redeeming the nations with His covenant love and governmental authority. Yeshua, whose Throne is again being staked into the very ground of Jerusalem.

This time to be seen as Israel’s Messiah. For Israel and the nations, truly A VAV THAT IS CROWNED.

A Throne of Glory.

Tears are filling my eyes and heart again. You cannot make this up. And from Washington to Washington to Jerusalem, Thrones of Glory are blossoming as your VAVs of covenant are crowned.