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Thank you again for investing 115 days in intensive prayer—draining the swamp to secure the harvest! If you’re like me, you probably feel like David after Ziklag, engaging relentlessly in battle after battle after battle. Faint but pursuing! The good news is that we are going to see the fruit of our labors in amazing ways. 

That said, we know that it’s going to take more than shifts in government to save our nation. We need a move of God!

Most of you know that God has commissioned us to bear witness to this new movement—to the restoration of God’s governmental glory across the nation—through a second tour of the Glory Train. We will begin in Virginia Beach on 8-18 and culminate on the first night of the Feast of Tabernacles. Hard to believe we’re beginning to roll in only 10 days!

Contending for Body of Christ
That said, my natural inclination is to rest. And I will. But on last Wednesday’s phone call the Lord clearly spoke to me about a “Covenant Wealth Campaign” from August 8-18. We have contended together for breakthrough in government. Now we must contend for breakthrough for the body of Christ!

Since President Trump’s inauguration, and especially since the spring, ministries here in Washington DC and across the body of Christ have suffered significantly from a pulling back of donations.  Many prominent leaders, including Cindy Jacobs, have noticed this pattern and mentioned it to me. 

My friend Matt Lockett of JHOP-DC recently had to let go of his prayer room and offices on Capitol Hill. That’s not okay. Thank God the American Center for Prayer and Renewal opened their doors so he could continue to rumble!

Friends, it’s across the board. We’ve noted this too. And yet corporately it is the hour of our greatest potential! 

It’s especially not okay for the body of Christ to suffer such a deficit, when the overall economy is literally surging! Note the stock market is now breaking all barriers. More than a million new jobs have been added to the economy since Trump took office. Why then is this overflow of wealth not reaching the body of Christ? 

And further, it’s not okay for the covenant promise of Malachi 4 to be neglected by the broader body of Christ at such a critical time—when the stakes are so high for this nation. We need the heavens open! We need the devourer rebuked off of our fields of harvest! 

Lets Secure the Harvest!
By God’s Spirit it’s time to break this blockade. Time to secure the harvest! According to Deuteronomy 8:18, God gives power to gain wealth to establish the covenant He swore to our forefathers. Friends, He is establishing His covenant. And we are genuinely thus engaged. Even starting the Glory Train on 8-18 for this very reason!

But I want you to hear the warning inherent in this passage. DO NOT FORGET. It’s not you. It is the Lord your God who gives you this power to gain wealth!

So please join us in covenant prayer these next 10 days. Covenant prayer and strategic giving. Lets mix our prayers together with our giving as a memorial to the Lord! (Acts 10:4). As we approach the second launch of the Glory Train on 8-18, we need the provision of the Lord for Lamplighter. We also need the broader body of Christ to be resourced.

So here’s what I feel to do. Each posting we’re going to offer you a chance to sow into Lamplighter. And we’re also going to offer you a chance to sow into another ministry we are highlighting in the posting. I’m not going to contact the other ministries to let them know, I’m just going to ask God to put it on your heart to sow wholeheartedly to bless them. Okay?

Contribute Now—Lamplighter and JHOP DC!
So lets start with Matt Lockett and JHOP DC. And thank you. Covenant blessings to each of you, in Jesus’ Name. Lets possess this land! 

To contribute to Matt Lockett and JHOP-DC, please click here.

To contribute to Lamplighter Ministries, please click here.