More than 10,000 displaced as massive fires driven by Santa Ana winds continue in San Diego. Please continue to pray for San Diego and Southern California. Declare the restoration of rain!

BRING BACK OUR GIRLS! Please keep praying for the 300 Nigerian students. Cover in prayer key teams assigned to deal with this situation. 

Please keep in prayer the “!3 Colonies Freedom Journey” throughout these 21 days, as we see God’s timing established and His purposes fully birthed!

Wow… Convergence… 5:15 on 5-15!
Welcome to 5-15! Hope you all were up early this morning. At 5:15 am on 5-15, Jolene and I read Acts 5:15 out loud while watching the first light of dawn over Washington DC. It doesn’t get much better than this 🙂

God’s procession is moving, and His glory river is flowing! The above photo is actually a composite, designed for today’s posting. The Capitol at sunrise was taken from our “watchman’s perch” patio. I photographed the worship procession in a field near Rome NY where legendary intercessor Daniel Nash lodged with Charles Finney during the days of the Second Great Awakening.

We mentioned Daniel Nash in Tuesday’s posting, which featured the prophetic word “the Re-emergence of the Forerunner Spirit.” This so fits with what God seems to be releasing in this “5:15 Movement”—prophesied by Dutch Sheets—it is literally scary.

Releasing the River of God
In a dream for 2008, I saw Dutch Sheets sit down at the head of a large, luminous table. He conveyed to me that “this year, God is granting apostolic authority in intercession to release the river of God, and direct its path.” In this word I also prophesied how God was uncapping a well of forerunning prayer for awakening—a spiritual well pioneered by intercessor Daniel Nash.

Before we go on, I want to delicately emphasize that the contents of this posting are sacred to me. I’m not just sharing them with you, I’m entrusting them to you. Because it’s part of the heritage and legacy God forged deep within us when we first began our ministry. The quest for this full release of national awakening propels us onward today, and is at the core of the upcoming 13 Colonies Freedom Journey. Friends we are not stopping until America and the nations are consumed by this river of God’s Spirit! Signs, wonders, miracles. And the best miracle of all—multitudes born again!

Well Uncapped! Dutch and Chuck Prophesy
Let me tell you how weird this story gets. On Passover 2008, Jolene and I met near Rome NY with our friends Bill and Rita Gamela. They had a mandate from the Lord to uncap this well of forerunning prayer by purchasing the land where Daniel Nash had his church and is buried. But they could not afford the entire acreage being sold by a local farmer. They had promised to purchase all the land, but the price was too high for them to fulfill their contract.

So on Passover, Bill Gamela went to negotiate a new contract—quite literally a “new covenant.” Meanwhile, Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce were ministering in nearby Syracuse, so Jolene and I decided to see them and cover Bill from the gathering.

Dutch and Chuck came there to deal with the stronghold of mammon. Yet somehow they ended up prophesying about the River of God! Chuck Pierce prophesied that God was uncapping an underground well that would shift the entire prayer movement in America. Dutch followed up with a prophetic teaching on the River of God’s Spirit.

Neither Dutch nor Chuck had any idea that Daniel Nash’s historic well of awakening was being negotiated on as they spoke. But it’s no coincidence that on Passover eve, as two of America’s foremost prophets were prophesying about a “well of prayer”—A NEW COVENANT WAS AGREED UPON SO THAT THIS HISTORIC WELL OF SALVATION COULD FINALLY BE OPENED.

You seriously cannot make this up.

Vision of Awakening
A few months later, on 08-08-2008, Jolene and I had the privilege of gathering with the Gamelas, the Godliewskis, the Reeders, and many others on this recently-purchased land in Lowville NY where Daniel Nash had his church and was buried. We met in a tent in the field. The heavens literally poured down rain.

It was on this field, standing next to an obelisk demarcating the spot where Nash had his church, that I had a vision of the coming awakening. Most Lamplighter readers will recognize it. I “felt” the earth shake beneath me, and watched as a geyser shot into the sky. Then I watched as an earthquake moved from that small obelisk all the way from Lowville to the Washington Monument. And everywhere the earth broke apart, babies shot out of the ground and into the sky!

This was quite a glory procession. From this historic well, the Spirit of God was very clearly conveying that He was releasing a grassroots movement of awakening. The water is breaking, the river is being released! All creation is now groaning in travail for these sons and daughters of God. Multitudes will be born again! And this Third Great Awakening is even now beginning to overtake the culture of death that has so enveloped our land.

From my perspective, it’s no coincidence that the Washington Monument cracked in an unprecedented earthquake just three years later. The quake shook all Washington DC—actually all the east coast. Just as we culminated a forerunning prayer project to see our land reconsecrated to the Lord Jesus Christ apart from all idolatry.

Can’t make that up.

Listen, this move of awakening—and even the forerunning prayer to birth this awakening—is being released by the Lord one step at a time. It might reassure you, or it might just terrify you, to realize the great precision and care He is taking. Nothing is being overlooked.

Which makes the awesomeness of this new season even more palpable. Especially while preparing for the 13 Colonies Freedom Journey. What could possibly be next?