THRESHOLD COVENANT CALL REPLAY! Passover and Resurrection Day from the Lincoln Memorial. One of our most profound calls, sharing key revelation and welcoming the Lord across the thresholds of our nation! Call replay number: (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. 

GLORY WEEKEND MICHIGAN! May 3-5, Gateway Hope Center, Jon and Jolene with Pastor Ed Watts, Flint MI. More info CLICK HERE.


FANEUIL HALL JULY 22! We are returning to Faneuil Hall Boston to launch the Glory Train movement through 2020. More ahead. Save the date! 

GLORY TRAIN OFFERING! We are taking great care to follow the Lord in this season. We are soon journeying to Israel and England—celebrating the year-anniversary of the opening of the US Embassy, connecting with government leaders, and receiving vital impartation for the Glory Train movement. Today marks the first time all year we have had a release to formally request an offering. We are believing God for $22,000 between 4-22 and 7-22. Please stand with Jolene and me to receive His miracle provision—now and for months ahead! To contribute please CLICK HERE.

WHAT A CALL last night. Such an honor to respond together to Jesus’ invitation to enter into a Threshold Covenant with Him nationwide for this new season. Live, from the Lincoln Memorial—on Resurrection Day! Together across the nation we sought His face and welcomed His presence through our gates. In return, the governmental glory of God has now crossed our threshold!   

We together have been engaged in prayer projects nonstop since early December. These months have been glorious, but also very intense. 

As of last night, the time clock of covenant destiny has now shifted. Our watch has now shifted. From 4-22 to 7-22, we will be ascending, protecting, birthing, receiving, and pioneering this new way forward. The Glory Train is rollin’! 

Returning to Faneuil Hall on 7-22!
Speaking of which… 4-22 is a very good day to officially announce  that on 7-22 WE ARE RETURNING TO FANEUIL HALL! Most of you know the incredible events surrounding the release of the “Turnaround Verdict” there in 2014. It will be an honor to return to the “womb of the American revolution” to see His course set through 2020! 

Our Faneuil Hall gathering will mark the official launch of the 13 colonies Glory Train journey. Many more details to come. But for now mark on your calendars the afternoon and evening of July 22, 2019. Save the date. Make plans to join us!

Seal the Covenant!
From our perch in Washington DC these past three months, we together have tackled great challenges and have witnessed many great turnarounds. Even this week! But a number of breakthroughs in Washington we simply cannot talk about. More and more, our work here is behind the scenes. There are certainly great dividends, but not so many honorariums. 

Make no mistake, the Lord has provided. And we’ve had many reports of blessing poured out to you, to our great delight. But through these months I have watched for the Lord’s release to receive a Lamplighter offering for our season ahead. Even with our call last night, I was not released to formally make the invitation until today. 

In just a few weeks we are traveling to Israel and England to connect with faith leaders and government officials, minister, receive importation for the Glory Train, and set the course for future initiatives. We will be in Israel over the 71st anniversary of her rebirth. Also for the first anniversary celebrations for the opening of the US embassy to Jerusalem. 

Our journey is very intentional. From 4-22 thru 7-22, the Lord is requiring a season of consecration and commissioning for the thrust of His movement through 2020. It will be amazing to be commissioned in prayer for the Glory Train—first from Zion, then from England, the land of the Pilgrims. The blessing and synergy of saints in these nations is mandated by Heaven’s Court to complete the turnaround, and secure the fullness of the move of awakening the Lord has promised.

Israel, England, America. Our faith is firm. Remember that God gives power to gain wealth to establish the covenant He swore to our forefathers! Please agree with us for a minimum of $22,000 to be received, covering our journeys to Israel and England as well as the launch of the Glory Train at Faneuil Hall. 

Final point. I believe the Lord wants us to make this investment together now as a means of sealing the threshold covenant we have made together with Him. In light of both challenges and blessings now at hand, I cannot think of anything more important for us to accomplish. 

Covenant blessings to each of you!

Jon & Jolene