Above: The 222 team prays for the Glory Train launch in front of the White House. Above right: Vav! Beginning the journey at Davids Tent. Middle top: Jolene with, from left, Theresa Cantrell, Lynn Alderson (HAPN, RPN GA leader and Glory Train team), Kathy Todd. Middle: at the Capitol Speakers Balcony, Kelly Fleming, Alice Holland, Jon, Ruth Mizell, Carlton Reed, Jamie Fitt. Middle left: Becky Kambourian with the special chest presented for the Glory Train. Bottom: Will Ford and Matt Lockett share their remarkable journey with the kettle passed down from Will’s slave forefathers. 


Jon and Jolene and Lamplighter Ministries honor the passing of Cindy Jacobs’ mother, Eleanor Johnson Lindsey, this 2-22. Affectionately known as “Mama,” Eleanor was a strong support to the Jacobs and Generals International.

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Light the Gates! Lampstands for Your Fire
What an honor to culminate the “Light the Gates” prayer project with onsite prayer in Washington DC this Monday. Lamplighter family, a Gideon company served you by becoming the lamp stands for your fire, welcoming in your prayers through the literal corridors of power in our nation’s Capitol.

Together our team prayed through the Capitol, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, and the Museum of the Bible. We also prayed onsite at the Federal Reserve, the Department of State, the Department of the Treasury, and the White House. All in one day!

Note that 2-22 was the birthday of George Washington, the first President of the United States. Washington and his fellow revolutionaries fought to free us from the Pharaohs of his day. We arose together to see freedom from the Pharaohs of our time. No King but Jesus!

And to a person, every team member commented how the Lord was tangibly with them during their respective assignments. Thank you for helping to pray us through. Graced from Heaven to light the gates! Watch how the Lord begins to bring redemptive exposure in the days and weeks ahead.

Our team launched from Davids Tent, the 24-7 expression of worship and intercession on the National Mall through Election Day this year. That was where we first began to notice the substance of God’s presence was unusually strong. Jason Hershey and team are to be commended for doing such an incredible job establishing a throne for Jesus in the shadow of the Washington Monument!

222 Appeals—Linking the East Coast
Further, we were privileged to link in the spirit with similar gatherings going on at the very same time across the east coast. A special “Appeal to Heaven” gathering was held in the rotunda of the Pennsylvania capital in Harrisburg. And HAPN leader Lynn Alderson brought a team through Georgia’s state capital building in Atlanta after joining in the weekend conference and praying through Washington DC.

Together we welcomed the glory of God through the east gate and our governmental seats of power… Isaiah 22:22 on 2-22!

On the morning of the project the Lord spoke very clearly that He was “releasing 7:22 on 2-22.” This is really good news! Because as of 2-22, the Lord has begun to comprehensively execute the Daniel 7:22 judgement He rendered in favor of the saints, received at Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall almost two years ago. We termed this particular verdict “The Re-Constitution of the United States.”

Remember, Jesus judges and makes war. But the Book of Exodus bears witness that there is sometimes a gap in time between the rendering of God’s verdict and the execution of God’s verdict. That said, I have been waiting for these words and the hope they convey for a very long time.

Linking Multinationally, Annulling Pharaoh’s Claims
Along these lines, I feel led to share some things here I don’t normally share. Our gathering also culminated a private, strategic prayer directive these past two months which focused on freeing our seats of power from ungodly claims by a political spirit.

This political manifestation of the Baal principality claimed a dictatorial sovereignty over our land. Under the leadership of John Benefiel and Yolanda McCune, HAPN leaders recently participated in a session in Heaven’s court to receive the needed extension of previous verdicts specifically towards the political expression of this Baal principality. Before the Throne we presented as well the 7-22 verdict “Re-Constitution of the United States.” Judgement has been rendered in favor of the saints. Covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ has been restored, overcoming all previous claims by the enemy to this land.

These verdicts were extended to a specific “broadcast station” dedicated to infusing this political spirit or pharaoh spirit into DC. Let My people go! The good news is that these ungodly claims have been annulled—and power lines in the spirit severed—through a comprehensive, multinational project literally from the coast of Egypt to the Capitol region.

Remember it was from Egypt a false declaration was made that America is no longer a Christian nation. Not coincidentally, Egypt, America, Syria and even Israel have since endured incredible testings related to this very statement. We have to see how the global emergence of this political spirit, or pharaoh spirit, through many leaders has begun to lay claim to our world.

What we did not know was that similar petitions before the Highest Court were being made simultaneously in Israel and even Egypt! It was extraordinary how these were all spontaneously linked together by Holy Spirit.

Judging by the clarity of direction and the manifest Presence, we anticipate this breakthrough will be lasting and substantive. False illumination gives way to true illumination through Jesus Christ with a grace that will even impact Egypt for God’s glory!

222—Gateway to the Glory Train
Finally, remember how the Lord spoke to us that “222 is the gateway to the Glory Train.” His word proved poignantly true. Grateful for prayer releasing us into the journey by David and Scott Bradshaw, Will Ford, Matt Lockett and participants of the 222 Inheritance gathering.

The most special moment occurred in private. Earlier during the 222 gathering, Brian Francis Hume and his team presented us with an extraordinary gift to commission the Glory Train project coast to coast. A large wooden hope chest—our own expression of the Ark of the Covenant!

And like the Ark of the Covenant, this chest was thoughtfully filled with tokens of remembrance bearing witness to both God’s covenantal legacy in America and our specific “glory procession” to see His covenant established. Including a menorah, a specially-made key, family Bible, a large hourglass, a sculpture of a harp, a lantern, a Paul Revere bowl, copies of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution… even an antique postcard of Faneuil Hall!

We had no idea Brian and his team had put this gift together for us. It came as a total surprise. As you can imagine, moving us to tears.

As I write, we are now on a plane to Seattle. Jolene and I will be joining with the Brubakers tonight for our weekly prayer call… from Washington to Washington! Then we’re off to Hawaii to launch the Glory Train on March 4.

Grace… No King but Jesus!