LP-Light-the-Gates-72-x-980-x-520TONITE—DAVID BRADSHAW ON PRAYER CALL! 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

222 INHERITANCE CONFERENCE with Allen Hood, Will Ford, David Bradshaw, Jon & Jolene. Lou Engle live-streamed. Feb. 19-21. More info click here. Registration at www.theprayerfurnace.org

We are so excited about tonight’s call with David Bradshaw. Leaders he’s been running with will also be joining. We will be covering both prophetic vision and clear strategies for both the conference and for praying in DC on 2-22.

Ever since I awoke this morning, a phrase has been rolling around in my spirit. That 222 is the gateway to the Glory Train. This means a lot to us personally. But in broader terms, I believe this 222 Conference will be very significant to accelerate a work dear to the very heart of Christ. Restoring His glory in our nation!

Within this context, 222 IS THE GATEWAY TO THE GLORY TRAIN.

When we first announced this conference with David Bradshaw a few weeks ago, it was like a shot went out in the spirit realm. A piercing sound was released. And a very clear summons was attached. I’ve experienced this a few times—with our Revolution gatherings and with the announcement of the Glory Train. But this one was so unexpected it literally caught me off guard.

That said, giving what Jolene and I are sensing and the prophetic expressions that have accompanied this 222 Inheritance gathering, you really ought to make plans to come.

And when you do, please know you are coming not only as a “receiver” but as a “delegate.” With governmental access and authority, you are representing your sphere in the midst of the convening 2-19 to 2-21 and also onsite in Washington DC on 2-22.

Please note that this summons is one of two Lamplighter-sponsored gateways to release you into Washington DC this year. The 222 Inheritance conference is the first. The Revolution 911 conference September 8-11 is the second. Faisal and Sabina Malick, authors of the Political Spirit and Positioned to Bless, has already confirmed they will join us.

God is providing us all with two amazing gateways to connect, to become saturated by God’s presence, and secure the gates of Washington DC. Between these two windows is the Glory Train! We’re going to cover the Glory Train much more extensively during the remaining weeks of this project.

For now, let me repeat that 222 is the gateway to the Glory Train. Looking forward to tonight’s call…