Wednesday Night Prayer Call

WEDNESDAY NIGHT PRAYER CALL! 9PM ET. Phone: (425) 436-6287 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. Pre-broadcast prayer at 8:45pm!

SPIRIT OF ELIJAH PROJECT—FINAL 21 DAYS! March 22-April 12. With forerunning prayer from Purim through Passover, followed by the Spirit of Elijah Israel Tour. Please receive the Table of the Lord every day. Consider fasting and spending extra time in prayer and the Word! 

A TIME TO SOW—At the Spirit’s leading, we are believing God for $22,000 between Purim and Passover for the Israel tour and costs for ministry upgrades. Please consider a generous donation today! CLICK HERE.

FIRST—YOU ASKED FOR A TRANSITION, WE ARE RESPONDING! Over the last few years especially, many of you have requested a choice in giving platforms besides PayPal for your contributions. As per your request we have added “Subsplash” as our primary giving platform. Subsplash is utilized by tens of thousands of churches and ministries nationwide, largely because of their reputation for integrity and Jesus-centric values. 

21 Days of Transition! Spirit of Elijah Project
Prophetically, I believe Passover 2023 marks a landmark moment for a global release of the Spirit of Elijah. Intimacy with Jesus. Preparing the way of the Lord. Accuracy and authority in prophetic ministry. Awakening and revival. Governmental breakthroughs. Miracles, including supernatural provision. Restoring the hearts of the fathers and mothers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their mothers and fathers. Restoring all hearts to Jesus Christ! 

God is granting a double portion of His Spirit! We are asking each of you to join us in 21 days of preparation for the season ahead. Take time to fast and seek the Lord. Receive the Table of the Lord daily. You will find your heart greatly tenderized as you do! 

Again during this period we believe we are transitioning into a new era marked by the Spirit of Elijah. Here’s a little history. On December 10, 2022 the Lord released us into a prophetic action to “pick up the mantle” representing the Spirit of Elijah by the Jordan River in Israel. I had seen a vision of this back in July 2022. Ed Watts was part of our team for the prophetic action, along with Jamie and Redonnia Jackson and Michael and Cheryl Tyler.

It was so interesting how God highlighted the date December 10 to Chuck Pierce. We knew the Lord was granting a forerunning release of the Spirit of Elijah. A double portion!

It was so interesting how the Lord orchestrated our steps. Immediately upon our return to the States, we unexpectedly received a literal “double portion” offering. 

Hanukkah brought a breakthrough time of ministry in Tampa Florida with our friend Jen Mallan and her team. This was followed by our Revolution gathering on New Years Eve weekend. In both ministry times, when the mantle was unfurled, Holy Spirit moved with greater power than we’d experienced in years. 

Shortly after, the Spirit of Elijah Tour was announced, with Ed Watts, James Nesbit, Jamie Fitt, Jolene and me leading the tour. And we are beginning with a two-day gathering on Mt. Carmel with Fred and Sue Rowe, hosted by Karen Davis and Kehilat haCarmel. We did very little advertising, and the initial response was honestly a little slow. We would have been satisfied with filling a single bus. But Holy Spirit soon began to touch hearts, and all of the sudden our numbers swelled to over a hundred! 

Two buses. Double portion. Lamplighter family, please pray for the tour. 

Spirit of Elijah—Cindy Jacobs Prophesies release!
Again, we have long sensed the Lord is releasing a double portion of the Elijah anointing in this season. As noted, the release will bring a much greater acceleration of Kingdom advancement. 

This prophetic perception was dramatically confirmed recently by Cindy Jacobs, during a recent Turnaround Tuesday broadcast. For the full transcript please CLICK HERE. Below is just an excerpt:

“I’m sensing that this Spirit of Elijah that is getting released into this whole revival movement that we have right now which of course would be incredible miracles, signs and wonders, the power of God getting released, is what’s getting ready to happen through this network and through what you all have been doing. Adam and Chris and others who have been on the streaming for Turnaround Tuesday. 

Let me prophesy…And the Lord says, “Do I not need the Spirit of Elijah to bring everything to a new level says the Lord? Do I not need to begin to release incredible miracles and haven’t I promised for a long time that there would come a season where there would be outstanding creative miracles?” And the Lord would say, “I am getting ready to release mantles all across the United States and the world,” says the Lord. Even as this revival broke out in Kentucky at Asbury, the Lord says, “So you’re going to see phase 2,” says the Lord. “You’re going to see the Spirit of Elijah coming where I am getting ready to release upon regions, incredible miracles…such miracles that it’s even going to get the media’s attention!

“Now is the time for the next phase where I am going to show My glory. I’m going to reveal My glory says the Lord and there are My glorious ones who have given messages about glory that are getting ready to manifest this. There are those who have been waiting on the sidelines. There are those who have been believing for this for what you haven’t seen.” But the Lord says, “Now you’re going to see what you have believed for.” Amen.

….“For I’m releasing,” says the Lord, the spirit of power and might. You are going to see what I can do when I marry power and might together in a generation,” says the Lord… 

Transition—Preparing Now for God’s New Work
Dear friends, it is worth everything to pursue the fullest expression of God’s covenantal release. Please join us for these 21 days through Passover. Set your faith for His work in your life. What are you seeking the Lord to gain? How does He want you to partner with Him to see the release? What practical steps of faith can you take to prepare? 

As we shared last week, Lamplighter Ministries is taking many practical steps to upgrade our infrastructure in anticipation of the season ahead. Maybe you can help us. As you already know, as we prepare for the Israel tour, Jolene and I are upgrading our postings, websites, media, weekly prayer, giving options and more. We have even hired two part-time staff members.

Please continue to pray for us. Pray for the covenantal release of the Spirit of Elijah. And consider a generous donation today. One of the greatest ways you can prepare the way for God to move in your own life is to sow into what you are believing God to receive. 

Lets together sow to the Spirit, and of the Spirit reap a perpetual flow of provision both in the spiritual and natural realms (Galatians 6:8). Covenant blessings to each of you! 

And no King but Jesus…