Well, Pittsburgh PA is now on our radar for revival. We had an incredible weekend with Barbara Charles and Pastors Mike and Tina Wurschmidt of Shepherds Heart Fellowship. This Anglican church in the heart of the city feeds the hungry and facilitates a powerful outreach to veterans. It’s a true well of life.

And God can’t wait to come. We first visited Shepherd’s Heart on the Glory Train last year. It was actually there that Jolene received a vision of the Lord reaching into the womb of Pennsylvania and turning a breached baby so he could be birthed. Turnaround womb. Intercessors persevered for a good hour to birth this breakthrough. 

And it was no coincidence that in the November elections, Pennsylvania literally became the turnaround state that secured Trump’s victory. Heaven only knows the impact of that Glory Train prayer meeting! And this weekend the Lord moved in power. I’ll share more tomorrow or Tuesday. 

21 Days Before His Face!
May 7 is a big day in the Spirit. First, we are now only 24 days away from Shavuot or Pentecost! Remember Pentecost celebrates the giving of the 10 Commandments from Mt. Sinai. Lets follow Moses’ footsteps. Lets draw away—and encounter God’s manifest glory on the mountaintop! And lets receive Heaven’s scrolls to frame our future.

For the past few weeks I have felt to consecrate the next 21 to seek God’s face more intensively, beginning today, May 7. I hope you will join me. Together lets ramp up our pursuit of God’s face. Lets spend more time in periods of fasting and intercession. Pray of course for the Trump administration. But please also keep Jolene and me in prayer too—for our book writing, for the scheduling of the next Glory Train journey, for our home group, and for a little REST!

May 7, 1983—A Movement is Birthed!
Here’s a history lesson for you. Today, May 7, marks the anniversary of a 21 day fast called by Mike Bickle back in 1983. Many see this time as the birthing of what has become the IHOP-KC movement.

Bob Jones prophesied to Mike at this very time about a coming move of the Spirit which married the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts. Spiritual revolution coupled with the restoration of God’s glory! As the Lamplighter family is well aware, we are just entering this phase right now. 

Bob then instructed to Mike to hold a 21 day vigil, and told him to pick the date it began. God was going to give him a sign on the date he picked. A comet, previously undetected by scientists, was going to flash across the sky as confirmation that God was launching this move, and that he was called to forerunning prayer for this move. 

And just as Bob Jones prophesied, a comet flashed across the night sky on May 7, 1983 as the solemn assembly began.

Mike Bickle IHOPKC Dream—Same Night as Jolene’s!
Below is a prophetic dream the Lord gave me recently regarding IHOP-KC. My heart is so full of gratitude for Mike Bickle and this movement! It was a great honor to spend three years at IHOP-KC as one of the original intercessory missionaries. I know their prayers still propel me forward. 

And they propel this Crown & Throne movement forward. As the Lord continues to establish Crown & Throne, I believe Kansas City will be on the forefront. 

Below is the dream, which came three weeks ago in St. Paul, Minnesota. It is edited simply for clarity. This dream was given to me on exactly the same morning Jolene received her wild dream about the birth of a new womens movement. In fact, I was actually texting this dream to a few friends in KC when she awakened from hers.

Key point. JOLENE AND I BOTH HAD PROPHETIC DREAMS EARLY THE SAME MORNING. That alone makes the content worthy of your attention. And they both profoundly convey God’s work in this season. I held back on releasing this simply to give Jolene’s dream the immediate focus it warranted.

Thrones of Glory—Persevere Through the Night!
In the dream, Jolene and I went to visit IHOPKC. We had rented a red car. It was raining a little. We walked in, went towards the back, and saw Lou Engle. Lou and a group were sharing stories about how the Lord was moving. They were also looking at ceiling, pointing to shadows moving across it and interpreting their meaning. 

Shadows on the ceiling. I looked. And I was honestly surprised I could make out what could have been the arm of the Lord! 

The shadow changed really quick. I wasn’t sure my interpretation was totally viable. But I saw that God was definitely moving very powerfully in the whole movement. 

Someone told me I should go see Mike Bickle. So I went back to see Mike, and shared warm greetings. His hair was grayer and thicker than I remember. He was exuberant. 

Our conversation was interrupted many times by staffers. In the dream there was actually a small pillow by the office for those who wait. I looked outside and saw a stream of water in the street. 

Around midnight I began to share with him our word for the year—thrones of glory. Time for the manifest glory to increase! Mike  gestured, smiling, conveying it’s already beginning to occur. I agreed with him. I felt the pure presence had definitely increased at IHOP-KC! 

We began to dialogue on the “Thrones of Glory” word and the amazing things going on in Washington DC. It was like the Lord was forming words for me to share. I mentioned how everyone shares on Isaiah 22:22, of course. But the Lord is emphasizing Isaiah 22:23! Driven like peg in firm place, becoming a throne of glory to Father’s house. 

Interruptions, Crown & Throne, Flood
I wanted to talk about our Glory Train journey, about President Trump, and some of the connections the Lord had granted in Washington DC. Wrestling whether to be specific, but figured best to remain vague. I was also hoping to talk about the Crown & Throne movement, Israel, etc. I really wanted to hear Mike Bickle’s insights.

But almost before we began we were interrupted. A skinny, shorter guy, brown hair like mine, smiled and shook my hand and then began to talk to Mike. I waited into the early morning hours. A book by the pillow caught my eye. At first glance it looked like it was Crown & Throne.

As I stepped back to resume our conversation, I looked outside. The stream had become a flood! I commented to Mike that Jolene might be upset if our little red rental car got washed away. Mike replied, “Nah, your car will be fine!” Then I remembered I did park it on top of a hill.

Coffee, Diane, Sons of Seven
We were interrupted again. I asked if there was anything I could help him with. “Yes!” Said Mike. “Fill this cup.” 

He stood with me, smiling. He showed me to fill a tube-like cup with just a little water. Then a lot of coffee! Mike’s wife walked in smiling and waving. I was so glad to see her. For some reason I couldn’t remember her name at first. Diane! 

Diane mentioned she heard my son Jonathan was doing great. “One of two sons of seven she ‘s been hearing about!” She said. I was elated. How did she know about Jonathan? And hearing from outside our immediate circle really encouraged me. I wondered who the other “son of seven” was.

Sons of seven. Or covenant. At that time I also realize she and maybe Mike both were somewhat familiar with certain aspects of our lives, and even what Jolene and I had been prophesying. I looked outside again, and it was beginning to get light out. Flood waters seemed to be receding a little. But it was more like the current of the river was more directed in the street, less ‘out of control.’ 

Diane headed for work in tan overcoat. I turned back to Mike, who was looking down and smiling. I woke up. The presence of God remained with me. And then Jolene awoke with her dream of a new womens movement. Wow! 

Key Points
Here’s a brief synopsis as best I understand. I visited IHOP-KC through a night watch. The Lord was moving powerfully across the nation. Leaders like Lou Engle, who had been connected with the movement, returned to share the extraordinary things the Lord was bringing forth. Jolene and I were somehow among these leaders.

We were perceiving shadows on the ceiling—shadows from the light on the other side. In other words, brief glimpses of Throne Room activity on the other side of the veil. Kind of like last-minute stage preparations before the curtain lifts. The arm of the Lord was preparing to move! 

It was night and it was raining. To the extent a river was running through the streets and flooding them. I still don’t have clarity on what the floods represent. It was just important to watch through the night and persevere through interruptions.

I saw a pillow on the floor, symbolizing a place to briefly rest. On second glance, a copy of our book “Crown & Throne” was by the pillow. Perhaps the Lord intends that this movement and maybe even our book be connected at a deeper level to 24-7 prayer expressions. Despite difficulties and inconveniences, God is moving in a powerful way—including in Washington DC. In every sphere, it’s vitally important to persevere in our watch until daybreak! 

In the dream, Mike served his wife coffee. Exuberantly. Diane was radiant and on the move! This was so important. 

Note that the name “Diane” means “heavenly” or “divine.” So in the dream it was actually “Heavenly, divine” who was on the move! Not a coincidence that Jolene received her dream right at this very time, in which the Lord clearly conveyed a new womens movement was being released (to read click here).

Amazing. You cannot make this up. Men, we are called to come alongside, pray and serve this movement! Maybe even make coffee. 

I’m sure there is much more to this dream than what I’ve perceived so far. But selah for now. And covenant blessings to each of you!