PRAYER CALL REPLAY from Wednesday night with Bill Gamela covering nuclear threat and releasing prayer. Powerful and revelatory! Playback number: 641-715-3598 access code 552-690.

Thanks to all who joined the conference call last night. Very powerful time, full of revelation and authority. Please keep praying for enemy threats, nuclear or otherwise, to be fully exposed. Pray also for the Federal Reserve and for our markets to stabilize. Light the gates!

For today and tomorrow, we’re posting our full prophetic overview for 2016. As we’ve seen already, this year is full of perils and potential! Please review it with care. We’ll continue highlighting specific themes throughout the remainder of the project.

May Christ’s fire light your gates continually, in Jesus’ Name!

Prophetic Overview for 2016—Jon & Jolene Hamill

Well… today I once again feel like Paul Revere. Burning the midnight oil to alert God’s people so we can prepare for what’s ahead.

As prophetic leader Cindy Jacobs declared over me so long ago, “You’re a spiritual Paul Revere… you’re going to be holding out the burning lamp! You’re going to go from city to city, and instead of saying the British are coming, the British are coming, you will be saying the Lord is coming, the Lord is coming!”

The good news is that the Lord is coming! He is coming through the gates of our land this year like a locomotive… a glory train!

More on that in a moment.

Turnaround Window Opens! 20-20 Vision Needed
But first, as we prayed over this new year, I felt the Lord wanted us to focus our eyes of faith way beyond 2016—actually to 2020. Because this year God is opening a limited window for national turnaround, in which He desires to lay new tracks for our future. And if we’re going to maximize this opportunity we cannot be short-sighted. We need 20-20 Vision!

How do we want our nation to advance? How do we want God’s work in the nations to advance? How do we partner with the Spirit towards these goals? What do we have to let go of in order to see His new tracks formed for our future? Most importantly, how do we keep this turnaround window open? Very key questions as we move forward.

I believe this turnaround window has already begun to open just a crack. Around Hanukkah 2015 the window opens more broadly, and the change in momentum by the Spirit will begin to be clear. It’s not about politics. It’s about a move of the Spirit that will impact the thrones of this land! No King but Jesus becomes our unifying cry for this year!

Conflict of Thrones, Heaven at Your Gates
As this turnaround window has begun to open, two primary responses became immediately clear. First—the presence and activity of Holy Spirit has clearly increased. Heaven is at Your Gates!

Second, we see an ever-increasing Conflict of Thrones. These two themes—Heaven at Your Gates and a Conflict of Thrones—will be the primary hallmarks that 2016 is defined by. At first they seem mutually exclusive. But actually, the reason why there is such an increase in the Conflict of Thrones is because this window is opening, and Heaven is at our Gates!

These three aspects—Turnaround window, Heaven at our gates, conflict of thrones—are clearly conveyed in Revelation 19:11. Of course, this passage conveys the ultimate end-time move of God, where Heaven “vavs” earth in a “glory procession” that unseats the throne of an antichrist spirit from the Temple Mount. Where Jesus takes the Throne of the nations and begins His 1,000 year earthly reign!

But the actions here are actually embodied in every true move of God.

“And I saw Heaven opened, and behold a White Horse. He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war…” (Rev. 19:11).

Note the progression. A window of Heaven opens for turnaround in the earth. Heaven is at our gates! And this very movement from Heaven ushers in a conflict of thrones.

Dream—Midnight Wave Hits Washington DC
I know the phrase “conflict of thrones” seems obvious already in light of the tragic terrorist strikes in Paris, the conflicts over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the unexpected transition of the Speaker of the House which defined conflicts in both the Republican and Democratic parties, and the 2016 elections. Not to mention clashes with Russia, Iran and China!

But the Lord actually began to highlighted this coming Conflict of Thrones in July 2015. And the true message is deeper than what the conflicts themselves convey.

On July 13, just a day before John Kerry announced the Iranian nuclear accords, I awoke shaking from a warning dream. The Lord showed me a tsunami wave coming at midnight and overtaking Capitol Hill and Washington DC.

In the dream I went to the top of the hill at midnight, and saw this wave cresting above a giant cliff that represented our highest walls of defense. Details of the dream, specifically a meeting with Jason Hershey for the immediate launch of Davids Tent, conveyed the timing of this wave. Because Davids Tent was scheduled to begin on 9-11.

I knew the dream represented God’s response to the Iranian nuclear accords. Which He defined from Isaiah 28 as a literal covenant with death and hell. I trembled when I awoke from the dream, and I trembled again when Secretary of State Kerry announced the deal just a day later.

What was the wave? We and the Lamplighter family sought the Lord diligently. We knew it had to do with Islamist extremism that would be fueled in part by the $100 billion released to Iran. Money that would fund Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel, as well as other terror proxies.

Jolene and I even feel that we will eventually look back on September 11, 2015 in a similar way to September 11, 2001. A demarcation in history when the nation and globe changed.

Wave—Third Intifada, Migration, Islamist Extremism
In early August our prophetic friend Gary Beaton heard clearly from the Lord that the wave represented a “Third Intifada” or Palestinian uprising against Israel.

And on September 11, 2015, Palestinian rioters brought violence to the Temple Mount that ushered in a wave of stabbings and shootings that continue across Israel today.

Note that September 11-13 marked the weekend of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, which began on the 13th. It sets a precedent for the new year. And that very weekend marked not only the wave of a potential Third Intifada, but the wave of mass migration of displaced Muslims from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan into Europe. Unfortunately with many militant Islamists embedded among the masses, bringing a conflict of thrones into every village and city in the western world.

On Friday the 13 of November, Paris was struck by ISIS. One of the key players was a Syrian refugee. The wave has continued westward. And as we write today, news just broke that Washington DC has just been publicly threatened by ISIS.

Conflict of Thrones. From our perspective, a global conflict of thrones began on the Temple Mount on 9-11, at the beginning of the Jewish new year. You cannot make this up.

Heaven at Your Gates
Remember, the Temple Mount is marked as the ultimate seat of Christ’s authority in the earth. In 2016, we are experiencing a foretaste of the ultimate shaking conveyed in Revelation 19:11. Where Jesus retake His Throne on the Temple Mount.

It’s also important to remember another message conveyed by this passage. The primary reason for this conflict of thrones is actually because Heaven is at our gates!

Light exposes. As my friend Charles Stock noted, fire releases the potential energy of everything it touches. And as Heaven’s atmosphere connects with earth in this coming move, the conflict of thrones only intensifies.

Remember this is the “Year of the Vav.” The Hebrew letter “vav” is first found in Genesis 1 between Heaven and Earth. Heaven vav earth. Heaven at your gates!

We became aware of this emphasis by the Spirit around the Feast of Tabernacles. He spoke to us to name our upcoming conference in Brunswick Georgia “Heaven at Your Gates.” Jolene had received an encounter on this in a dream. And as we were talking with our friend Jamie Jackson, the pastor of the Brunswick church, he relayed an encounter where he saw Heaven’s gates. And an entire herd of white horses were now prepared to ride!

Georgia—Re-Constitution State
I do feel the Lord is emphasizing Brunswick, and the state of Georgia, for 2016. In 2014 the Lord spoke to us that Georgia is the Re-Constitution State. Joining together what the enemy has divided. Reconstituting our land, and God’s dream for our land. Even protecting and upholding the United States Constitution in the face of those who would marginalize it and turn America from a land of liberty into a lawless dictatorship. So key for 2016!

What we encountered in Brunswick, GA was extraordinary. Heaven was literally at their gates! We saw a move of God literally sweep in during this time that established new tracks for our future.

Year of the Tithe & the Turnaround Window
Brunswick is the gateway to Jekyll Island, birthplace of the Federal Reserve. And therefore by implication, the birthplace of what has become our national and global financial system. I was asking the Lord onsite “How do we secure these gates? How do we keep Heaven opened, welcoming in this new move of Your Spirit, while keeping the gates shut to the enemy?”

I was thinking 24-7 watchman prayer. Special ops prayer journeys. Going to vav the four corners for maximum impact. A lot of work!

What the Spirit of God whispered stopped me in my tracks. He spoke very simply, “Year of the Tithe.” Malachi 3. Sowing into the global economy of the Kingdom from the very birthplace of the global economic systems.

Within the promise of Malachi 3 is everything we have just covered. As we honor God in tithes in offerings, He opens the windows of Heaven—the Turnaround Window! He rebukes the devourer from our spheres of authority, our gates.

And best of all, this is actually on a national level as well as family to family! He warned Isaiah, “You are cursed with a curse, even this whole nation” because of their disobedience. So our obedience in tithes and offerings is foundational to securing the gates of our nation!

Year of the Tithe. Do we want this turnaround window to open and be sustained? Do we want the devourer to be rebuked at our gates? Before we go to “special ops” lets first return to basic training. Lets call the body of Christ to a renewed focus on the divine exchange of tithes and offerings!

Turnaround Window in History
My reply to God was simple. Show me this in history! He spoke very simply, Look at the 1970s. A panoramic vision unfolded of Richard Nixon resigning. Soldiers coming home from Vietnam to hostility and shame from the American people. After fighting a war we neither fought nor won. The Cold War was in full swing, and we were losing.

The economy was spiraling downward, with mortgage rates reaching 20% or more. OPEC sanctions brought gas lines across the nation sometimes a mile long. Respect for America globally was at an all-time low.

Then came Iran. Or I should say, radical Islamist terror from Iran. Holding our 50 American hostages for 444 days.

Then a turnaround window opened! When Ronald Reagan came on the scene, everything changed. Honor was restored to the Presidential office. The hostage crisis ended on inauguration day. Our economy began to rebound, with the computer revolution laying new tracks for our future. Hope, faith and a renewed patriotism began to overtake our shame.

And finally, Communism, the greatest stronghold we faced in the 20th century, toppled with the Berlin Wall. The cold war was won!

You cannot help but see the parallels between the 1970s and today. And the hope before us as this turnaround window opens in our day!

But what brought this turnaround window? President Reagan? As strong as he was, the true glory belongs to King Jesus!

The Holy Spirit showed me history I didn’t really know. In 1973, in the midst of the despair, He sent a move of His Spirit to bring a turnaround! The Word of Faith movement. With a primary emphasis on the divine exchange of tithes and offerings.

For seven years, the downward spiral only continued. But in year 8, a turnaround window opened that affected every sphere of American life and governance.

And friends, that’s exactly what the Lord is offering our nation today. A turnaround window of this very magnitude, catalyzed by a new move of the Spirit of God!

Wow. As of that last sentence, the word count was exactly 2016. You cannot make this stuff up.

OK. Turnaround window, conflict of thrones, heaven at your gates. Hopefully this resonates with you! Even with the promise, it must be emphasized that we are facing dire challenges through the year. Even potentially a nuclear detonation in the earth, an atomic bomb used against people for the first time since 1945. We must pray to see this stopped.

Glory Train! Heaven at Your Gates
Now lets explore the final tracks of this journey through 2016. A move of God is coming your way… a glory train!

In the summer of 2014, Jolene and I led a 13 colonies “Glory Procession.” We traversed the geographic east gate of our nation, seeking god to restore his glory by way of this “gate facing east” (Ezekiel 43). And after the journey, the Lord immediately spoke to us about a train journey from Virginia Beach to San Diego. That became the beginning of a progressive journey of discovery, a word of the Lord to us and so many others regarding the coming “glory train.”

This year, the Lord is all about restoring His glory. Heaven is at your gates! And he’s calling for a prayer journey by train across our nation as a demarcation of this new move. We are actually going to traverse by train the four corners of our nation, and the heartland of the nation to fulfill our assignment on this.

Train Words—Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs
What I didn’t know is how many prophets received similar words. With God using the imagery of trains to convey His new move!

Lets begin with a very enthusiastic text from a friend attending the recent Appeal to Heaven gathering in Ohio. A word by Chuck Pierce: “This year, God’s people will be like a locomotive!”

Chuck has actually had many words about a move of God like a train. In fact as a young man, one of his first visions was of an awakening train moving across the nation.

“This is a time to get on the train!” Chuck prophesied in 2009. “I am reordering the cars that have been moving in My procession. I am putting cars in different orders. I am creating My Faith Train!”

Dutch Sheets also heard from the Lord about a train. A bullet train that was moving so rapidly it seemed unstoppable. Suddenly it hit a hairpin curve, and began to move with the same force in exactly the opposite direction.

A turnaround train.

Cindy Jacobs prophesied at the outset of our Glory Procession in the summer of 2014. She saw a west coast Glory Procession, and a coast to coast glory procession!

Bob Jones—The Glory Train
Then there’s a prophetic encounter Bob Jones received. Perhaps the most prominent word he gave before he passed on. In a prophetic experience he found himself riding on a train…

“I saw the Conductor come by so I asked Him, “What is this train?” He said, “This is the Glory Train!” Now I said, “Where are we heading?” He said, “To any city that wants it!”

This is so key. Bob Jones saw a coming move of God to restore His glory to the land. This “Glory Train” was available to any city that wants it!

“When will we arrive?” Bob asked. The Conductor replied,”We will begin to arrive in 2012.”

Back in 1983, God had shown Bob Jones an end-time move of the Spirit that combined the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts. ”You will live to see it return,” God promised Bob. “You’ll be old. But you will live to see it return.”

Bob died on February 14, 2014. In December 2014, just before his passing, Bob pulled aside apostolic leader Che Ahn to dialogue with him. Among other things, Bob told Che that he had seen the move of God he had been promised for so long. It came into the earth over “Thanksgivukkah” 2013, the historic convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

This really apprehended Jolene and me. Because Thanksgivukkah 2013 was our 10th wedding anniversary—and the anniversary of the time during our ceremony where God supernaturally lit our menorah.

Further, it was the day we had chosen to release “Crown & Throne,” our book on kingly, governmental prayer, restoring God’s glory, and the coming move of the Spirit. I write with tears—you cannot make this up.

Three End-Time Promises
Three major promises were embedded in the word. First—as we have chronicled, this promised move of God is now here.

Second—Bob prophesied that this move of God would begin to anoint Jesus as King. “I also believe it is the reign of a King. I believe that we’re going to begin to anoint Jesus as King. And I believe He’s going to begin to reign over our hearts again…”

No King but Jesus!

The third promise is equally extraordinary. In his own words, “And the Church will experience the greatest harvest of all time, that will never come to an end. So we’re in that time!”

Beloved, receive this promise from the heart of God. A turnaround window is opening. Yes there is much conflict, a Conflict of Thrones. But as of 2016, the move of the Spirit is coming like a locomotive–a glory train.

With 20-20 vision, lets begin to lay the tracks for the future. A re-constitution of God’s dream for us personally, for our nation, for Israel and the nations.

Because as of 2016, Heaven is now at our gates! Covenant blessings to each of you…

Be careful not to fall into trap of ideologically based agenda that just wants to empower government as the answer. That we begin to put into place genuine restorative policies and practices that will lead to healing.