Join Jon & Jolene this New Years Eve at Whole Word Fellowship, Oakton VA, for an incredible time of prophetic release! NOTE: Rooms only $39.95 for this event. Hilton Garden Inn, Fairfax VA. More info at

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IT IS MY STRONG CONVICTION that the year 2014 is way too important to enter into lightly. Longtime Lamplighter friends know how the Spirit of God draws us into a season of consecration each new year to set the course for His work. This New Years Eve we are honored to converge with friends from Whole Word Fellowship, The Gate DC, and throughout the region. If you haven’t made plans yet, please join us for a great time of prophetic release!

And if you’ve agreed to other plans, cancel them and come. Seriously. The last thing you need is another wasted New Years Eve. Where you’re invited to parties because of your dependability as a designated driver.

Let your friends find their own way home. Or better yet, bring them with you. Knowing some of the attendees, the wine will be better at our party anyway. Plenty of Holy Spirit intoxication to go around! And no hangovers the next day, just the reality of a lingering Presence…

My point is—don’t miss your divine appointment, ok? In other words, don’t allow the enemy to sabotage or substitute the blessing God has for you. Lets advance into 2014 with vision and strength!

Following New Years Eve, Jolene and I invite you to join in on a 22 day period of consecration, prayer and declaration. We are calling this time “ADVANCE 22: The Advancing Crown & Throne.”

Strangely enough, the Lord quickened the word “advance” as part of an acronym for Lamplighter this year. Please note that I’ve heard others give “words by acronyms” but I am generally not predisposed to this form of communication. In fact I resist it. Even as a former contractor for government agencies that specialized in creating words by acronym.

That said, this morning the Lord quickened to me an actual acronym for 2014:

LAMP. Listen, Advance, Move in Power. 

That’s actually pretty good, right? As we listen to the counsel of God’s Word and Spirit during this time of consecration, windows will open for us to obey and advance. This will result in measurable progression in our walk with Christ, as well a marked increase of His power in our lives.

Being made in God’s image, I then created an acronym myself. Inspired by our overall theme for the year, Crown & Throne, I came up with the following acronym to describe the Lord and His work in our midst:

ACT. The Advancing Crown & Throne.

Makes a good subtitle at least. Further, I believe Acts 22:14 is a key promise for each of you. May this word to Paul by the prophet Ananias be personalized to you by the power of Holy Spirit.

“And he said, ‘The God of our fathers has appointed you to know His will and to see the Righteous One and to hear an utterance from His mouth” (Acts 22:14).

Stunning! In this season of consecration, you have been appointed like Paul to know, to see and hear! So lets advance into 2014 with the vision and strength that can only come from experiencing the King on His Throne. Amen!

Covenant blessings to each of you,

Jon & Jolene

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