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A DECADE AGO right about now, Jolene and I became husband and wife. And God turned our wedding miraculous.

Most Lamplighter readers are familiar with the story. Jolene and I were married on the first day of Hanukkah. We purchased a Hanukkah menorah to hold our unity candle. We intended to create sacred imagery by lighting our candle together on the first day of the Feast of Dedication, the Festival of Lights!

Only the Lord beat us to it. Somehow as we were worshipping at the beginning of the service, that center candle lit itself. God literally “lit” our unity candle… in front of everybody… on the first day of Hanukkah!

But great as that miraculous expression was, the fire of that candle was not the greatest miracle of our wedding. For me, the miracle was “I do.” The moment when two teary-eyed Jesus lovers put their hands and hearts together, and became one. I have delighted in Jolene’s rare beauty, mischievous laughter, her diligent care and unwavering passion for Jesus ever since. She captured my heart with an authenticity of love and life that has never wavered all these years. Through great challenges and great blessings, the song remains the same!

Want to hear something wild? God was speaking to us even through our honeymoon locale. We actually spent our first night of the honeymoon in Washington DC—less than a mile from where we now reside. You just can’t make this stuff up 🙂

Jolene and I are so grateful for the friendship, care and blessing each of you have extended to us in 2013. What an amazing journey we’ve all been on together! As we look towards the future, we cannot help but be filled with hope. Please celebrate  with us today! And covenant blessings to each of you.

With great affection,

Jon & Jolene

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