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IT’S 12-12-22. Just six days away from perhaps the most important Hanukkah season in years. And to celebrate we’ve got two profound special opportunities for you. First, prophetic scribe Lori Perz has prepared an incredible, revelatory post for you on Hanukkah. You’re going to want to take your time with this one to absorb all the Lord is investing in you.

Second, live from Jerusalem! Jolene, myself and Ed Watts will be sharing prophetically on the significance of this season. My understanding is that Succat Hallel will live-stream the ministry time, and you’ll be able to view it either in real-time at noon ET or via YouTube at your convenience.

Jolene and I are again grateful for your investment in sending us to Wales and Israel, both in prayer and giving. We in turn believe the Lamplighter family has been well-represented this trip. You are sharing in the blessing of these life-changing journeys. And from Jerusalem, we cannot think of anything more appropriate to share than these insights by Lori Perz. Pay particular attention to the section on “backfiring on the enemy.” We are seeing this even now with the schemes the enemy. Let there be light! And covenant blessings to each of you…

Hanukkah Prophetic Summary 2022/5783
The Hebraic month of Kislev (November 24-December 24) hosts the biblical festival of Hanukkah. Take note: This year’s Hanukkah has MUCH WEIGHT in the spirit! Hanukkah as a biblical feast, and the events surrounding the original miracle, give us a clarion picture of the drama and victory conveyed even as part of the End Times.  

Hanukkah begins on Kislev 25 and lasts for 8 days (evening of December 18-December 26).  It is an 8-day feast that celebrates the miraculous victory of the Maccabee revolutionaries over an evil empire led by an antichrist-type of ruler. 

For many years, I have prophetically highlighted the importance of this biblical festival of Hanukkah.  It connects to us as the people of God and what is happening in our world right NOW.  I am going to share a summary of the history of the Maccabee revolutionaries and Hanukkah because we are living in VERY similar circumstances today as the Jewish people/Maccabees who lived during the time of Antiochus III and IV.  This was about 2,200 years ago.

As you read this, pay attention prophetically to the similarities to NOW and what God is speaking to you about being a HOLY REVOLUTIONARY of this hour of history.  

We are in a time like no other in which we as the ekklesia needs to arise in our identity as beloved sons and mighty warriors–and the “government” of God on the earth!  We have been anointed to “overthrow, uproot and tear down” the spiritual “government” or kingdom of darkness and to “build and plant” the “government” of God, which is His kingdom (Jeremiah 1:9-10).

Maccabee Warriors

In the times of the Maccabees, about 2,200 years ago, Antiochus III was a Greek leader of the Selucid Empire who began to Hellenize the Jewish people and take away their religious freedom.  He wanted them to worship the Greek gods and adopt the Greek mindset and culture.  Many Jewish people feeling the pressure to conform and the persecution for their faith, began to capitulate to this agenda.  Sound familiar?

This has absolutely happened over the years to the Church, particularly since the Roman Emperor Constantine did something similar to Antiochus.  The Church was cut off from its Jewish roots.  A mixture of Christianity and paganism formed.  We have been swimming in these waters as the Church for over 1600 years.  

But God has been progressively bringing reformation and a return to His original intent of the Church!  We are coming out of the Greek mindset (and Babylon!) and out of institutional Christianity and fully into the Kingdom Age.  This is a holy revolution:  a full circle.  I believe that the 500th anniversary of the Reformation on Oct. 31, 2017 was a major demarcation of this shift.

God has recently been speaking to me afresh about the REFORMERS arising!  This is the apostolic government of God.  This is who YOU are in Christ.  

Backfiring on the Enemy

In the time of the Maccabees, the son of Antiochus III, Antiochus Ephiphanes IV, took the throne in 176 B.C., and began to tighten his grip of control with extreme measures against the Jewish people.  This involved such measures as: taking away Torah, outlawing Shabbat and even setting up an altar to Zeus in the Temple.  This actually backfired.  It began to unite the Jews in a movement of freedom from this tyranny.  This is very much like what we are experiencing in America (and other nations) on many fronts.

A Jewish priest named Matthias hit a tipping point when a Greek official tried to force him to make a sacrifice to a pagan god.  This priest rose up as a warrior, along with his 5 sons, and they led the way for other Jewish people to join them in a revolution.  

This was led by a FAMILY who rose up against this massive evil empire—knowing God was on their side!  Think of it: a FAMILY led the way in a holy revolution!  

They were called the Maccabees, which means “hammer”.  They were known for striking like a hammer against their enemies.  After Matthias died, his son Judah (which means “praise”) began to lead the revolution.  The Word of God says that “Judah goes first” so think of it: “praise” led the way in bringing down the hammer on the enemies of God!  

The other name for the Maccabees is Hasmoneans.

Rededication of the Temple:  Miracle of Hanukkah

This revolution was catalyzed in 167 B.C. and 3 years into the battle, in 164 B.C., the Maccabees recaptured Jerusalem and the Temple and they rededicated it to the Lord.  Rabbinical literature states that there was only one jar of oil for the menorah in the temple (lasting one day) but the oil miraculously lasted for 8 days!  

This MIRACLE of OIL is a centerpiece for Hanukkah, also called the Festival of Dedication or Festival of Lights.

The Maccabees had to continue fighting for 4 more years.  The revolution lasted 7 years total (160 B.C.).  Remember what I said about Hanukkah being a picture of the end times?  

Hanukkah:  Oneness/Matthew 17 Transfiguration and John 17 Unity

Hanukkah is found in the Word of God in John 10, in which Yeshua is observing Hanukkah and He comes under the scrutiny of the religious leaders. As the dialogue continued, the religious leaders took great offense to Yeshua declaring that “I and the Father are one.”

Amazing.  One of the centerpieces of our faith in Yeshua is our ONENESS that we have with Him!  That’s precisely what triggered the rage of these leaders that were operating in a religious spirit.

This oneness is exactly what the Lord showed me 3 years ago when He spoke and said that this Hebraic decade of the 80’s (which began 3 years ago) is the decade of: Matthew 17 Transfiguration and John 17 Unity (Oneness).  The sons (male and female) of God are transfiguring (“metamorphoo”) and changing into an entirely different form!  Original intent.  

As we are transfiguring from one brighter level of glory to another (2 Cor. 3:18), we are also moving in unprecedented UNITY and oneness IN HOLY SPIRIT.  John 17 unpacks this reality in such a profound way. 

Matthew 17 (transfiguration account) and John 17 are FOUNDATIONAL, and they are KEY for “what time it is” right NOW for the sons and daughter of God.

Amidst ALL of the insanity, warfare and trials of the past 2.5 years and the antichrist agendas being thrust upon humanity, GOD has been, and is, transfiguring us as His sons and bringing us into the TRUE UNITY and oneness!  He appointed this for us from before time began!  And it’s this very thing in this end times harvest that pre-believers will SEE and say, “I want THAT”!  And, it’s HIM!

Hanukkah: Divine Council
Back to the Hanukkah passage in John 10:  the offense of the religious leaders led to rage and they wanted to stone Jesus. They shouted: “We’re not stoning you for anything good you did—it’s because of your blasphemy! You’re just a son of Adam, but you’ve claimed to be God!” (John 10:33).
Pay attention to this reply from Yeshua: “Isn’t it written in your Scriptures that God said, ‘You are gods?’ The Scriptures cannot be denied or found to be in error. So if those who have the message of the Scriptures are said to be ‘gods,’ then why would you accuse me of blasphemy? For I have been uniquely chosen by God and he is the one who sent me to you. How then could it be blasphemy for me to say, ‘I am the Son of God!” (John 10:34-35).
Yeshua is referring to Psalm 82:6 in this account with the religious leaders: “Didn’t I commission you as judges, saying, ‘You are all like gods, since you judge on my behalf. You are all like sons of the Most High, my representatives.’” The word for “gods” in this Scripture is “elohim” which can mean “judge” or “ruler” or “divine one.”  This is a remarkable statement!
There are several different dimensions to look at this passage.  Some scholars interpret “elohim” to be the Divine Council or divine sons of God—who ultimately rebelled and became the fallen sons of God. The depth of corruption and defilement that they have brought to mankind is immeasurable—and we are seeing much of this coming to a head right now in our nation (and nations).  I have been trumpeting this truth for years.  It’s a vital truth that we need for discerning and understanding what time it is and knowing what we ought to do like the sons of Issachar (I Chronicles 12:32).

Hanukkah:  Judgement of Fallen Sons of God
Genocidal and even democidal agendas are being unleashed on humanity NOW…this is connected to the fallen sons of God.  This is CRUCIAL to understand.  

Listen to this: one of the translations of the “abomination of desolation” is “abomination of depopulation”.  Wow!  That’s EXACTLY what these fallen sons of God have engineered and unleashed NOW on humanity.  Antichrist, depopulation agendas!  This abomination of desolation/depopulation is found in the Book of Daniel that actually links to Antiochus Epiphanes IV of Hanukkah and his sacrifice in the Temple to Zeus!  

Is it becoming more clear why Hanukkah is such a vital biblical festival, mirroring the end times, especially for us as God’s holy revolutionaries on the earth right NOW? 
God intended for the “elohim” in Psalm 82:6 that Yeshua mentioned to be divine sons, “divine ones and judges” but they rebelled. Yeshua speaks an astonishing word to them in verse 7 and says that He will judge them and they will die “like mere men”.  This is JUSTICE to the saints!
Think of it: Hanukkah is the appointed time when Yeshua releases a portion of Scripture that connects to the JUDGMENT of the FALLEN SONS OF GOD—a tap root of much of the evil we see right NOW in the world!  This is astonishing!
Sons Who Govern with God
The other aspect of the “elohim” that Yeshua refers to in Psalm 82:6 is who WE are called to be as born-again believers.  God has now invited us to be His “judges and rulers” on earth as we are seated in heavenly places with Him!  We are in council with Him.  One of the dreams of His heart is to have SONS who GOVERN with Him.  This dream is coming true!

Watch for the new kingdom “councils” that God is forming to release His kingdom, His government, on the earth.
I believe a key aspect of what God is doing now is establishing the ekklesia once again as a divine council on the earth.  He is bringing about the restoration of the 3 branches of His government according to Isaiah 33:22.  He has been putting a spotlight on the third branch—the judicial.  We are called to judge righteously (John 7:24).  This takes place as we stand in the council of the Lord (Jer. 23:18). 

He is seating us in covenant councils to sit, rule and govern once again—with Him. This was also the original intent for the Divine Council. It is vital for us to be governing and ruling and exercising righteous judgment (John 7:24).
Hanukkah: Second Sukkot
The Festival of Dedication, Hanukkah, is 8 days long. It’s actually considered by many to be a “second Sukkot” (Feast of Tabernacles), which is also 8 days long.  This is remarkable and something to pay attention to!
The Maccabees were in the middle of a revolution against the greatest empire of their day so they were not able to celebrate Sukkot. However, God gave them a stunning victory several months later: They retook the Temple and, catch this, began to celebrate the biblical feast of Sukkot!
Hanukkah and Sukkot Parallels
As Hanukkah may have been a “Second Sukkot/Tabernacles,” Sukkot is about the INGATHERING of HARVEST. In the midst of the antichrist agendas accelerating, the harvest is coming in! 

Sukkot is also a picture of the Millennial Kingdom in which the Word of God speaks of. This is a reality that has been very overlooked in the modern Church, but God is bringing it to the forefront—and the revelation we need about it. 

This is crucial:  the understanding of the Millennial Kingdom and the role that we will play is KEY for us in the times we are living in.  It has EVERYTHING to do with how we are living our lives for Jesus TODAY. 
Once again, Hanukkah is 8 days long and Sukkot is also 8 days if you include the 8th day of Shemini Atzeret. The number “8” means oil, anointing, abundance, and fatness. New beginnings.

Just as Hanukkah is also a picture of the end times, in these end times we are living in, God will miraculously supply the oil and provision we need.  He will do this even as supply lines dry up in the natural. 

Holy Spirit oil/anointing also causes us to keep our lamps burning, like the Hanukkah menorah, to SHINE in the darkness. “For You cause my lamp to be lighted and to shine; the Lord my God illumines my darkness. For by You I can crush a troop, and, by my God I can leap over a wall” (Psalm 18:28-29).

Foundation Stone for Temple/First Day of Hanukkah

We also read in Haggai 2:18 that the foundation stone for the Second Temple was laid on Kislev 24.  Later Kislev 25 became the first day of Hanukkah, which means that it began right as the sun set on Kislev 24–the anniversary of the Second Temple foundation stone dedication!  Ponder that amazing convergence.

Additionally,some scholars suggest that the defilement/sacrifice to Zeus that occurred in the Temple during the time of the Maccabees also took place on Kislev 25, intentionally plotted by the evil Antiochus Epiphanes IV to be on that anniversary.

The Maccabees (Hasmoneans) did not just choose a random date to rededicate the Temple.  They chose a date linked with the anniversary of the very date of the dedication of the foundation of the Second Temple.  A full circle.  Interestingly, the letter Hebrew letter connected to Kislev is the letter SAMECH.  The numerical value is 60—one of the meanings is “full circle”.

They also chose this dedication to be 8 days long—which is precisely the pattern for the dedication of Solomon’s Temple (First Temple), noted in 1 Kings 8:2!  The Word says that Solomon’s Temple was dedicated—during the feast of SUKKOT!  That is why it’s called the Feast of Dedication!  And, Hanukkah is called the Festival of Dedication! 

All of this is so rich.  It’s worth praying into for the deeper meaning of what God is speaking in this (Proverbs 25:2).

Holy Priests Anointed for War and Harvest
Yahweh has His holy lovers, warrior priests in this epoch of time who will not bow their knees to the antichrist agenda. 
They actually have the courage to war against it in order to establish God’s purposes in the earth–and rededicate His “temple”.  To cleanse their own “houses” first, guard it from defilement and be consecrated, in order to be used by the Lord to cleanse His House, His Church, and rededicate it according to original intent and blueprint.  

This will release great glory and joy, even in the midst of WAR, just as the feast of Sukkot (linked with Hanukkah) is about rest and joy and the GLORY of God.

Ultimately much of this is about the end times harvest of souls that is being brought in NOW.  We are already in revival.  But there’s more.  We are already in the midst of the Third Great Awakening.  But there’s more.  

In summary, there are many parallels to Hanukkah for the remnant of God in THIS hour of history! It is something to pay attention to, especially this year, as we keep our eyes on Yeshua and WATCH and PRAY as spiritual revolutionaries.
In the midst of the antichrist agendas accelerating on the earth, watch and expect miracles to manifest this Hanukkah, and fresh oil for you as a lampstand of God!