“Now” Word by Ridings for East Coast and Nation

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Hallelujah, we have entered a season of breakthrough!

Just back from Oklahoma. Whole lotta shakin’ going on! Saturday’s earthquake occurred directly as we were praying for the education mountain in this nation. In fact, I had just shared the insights below from Rick Ridings as part of a spontaneous, revelatory prayer time led by Dr. Benefiel to close out an incredible presentation on Harvard, humanism and shifting the education mountain for the Lord.

Jolene and I were first alerted to new wave of breakthrough while preparing for the Revolution gathering. For more than a year we’ve been sharing about the new move of God’s Spirit being birthed in this season. We experienced great blessings, but also a few obstacles that were almost overwhelming. That said, at the last moment several major challenges that could have gone either way suddenly began to “go right.” And they just keep going!

At Revolution 2013, we literally experienced a crescendo of breakthrough. May this grace continue, in Jesus’ Name!

And it was during this gathering that Rick Ridings shared one of the most weighty visions of breakthrough I can remember. It has vast implications for the original “13 colonies,” for America’s educational systems, and for the awakening we have all been contending for. We’ll share more in times ahead. But long and short—a generation is now literally being rescued from the belly of the beast!

Below is Rick’s word from Nov. 22, 2013 at the Revolution gathering.

Eagle and Serpent Vision over the East Coast of America
By Rick Ridings, Succat Hallel, Jerusalem

I recently had a vision of an eagle circling over Philadelphia, who then swooped down to pull out a serpent which had been laced through thirteen original Colonies, and whose head and mouth were over Massachusetts.  This serpent had swallowed a generation of young people into its belly, where they were trapped in deep darkness.  I understood this serpent to be related to the sprit of the “Prince of Greece”, of secular humanism, and it had especially swallowed young leaders attending East Coast Universities, and especially the Ivy League universities in the North East of America.

As intercessors cried out, the eagle grabbed this serpent between its claws, took it up and then ripped it apart, with this young generation released from the prison of its belly, and parachuting down on the East Coast to become points of burning fire in the darkness.

I saw this dealing with this serpent had the potential, if guarded and fathered, of growing into a ‘Third Great Awakening”.  At the same time, we can expect increasingly violent persecution to come from secular humanists against Christians, but if we persevere, it will only fuel great growth in this new move of the Lord upon this generation of young adults.

I believe it is significant as well that this vision occurred during a very strong time of prophetic worship being led by the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David team (http://phillytod.org/) at the “Revolution 2013” Gathering in Philadelphia 21-23 November, 2013 http://revolutiongathering.com/) which brought together a large group of seasoned intercessors from the Northeast of the United States to pray strategically for that region.

Rick Ridings

Succat Hallel (24/7 worship and intercession overlooking Mt. Zion and the Temple Mt. in Jerusalem)