“I asked the Lord where His heart was, and I felt so clearly that He said it was over Philadelphia”— Patti Ridings

We are continuing a series reviewing our prophetic history related to east coast revival, the 13 colonies, and revolution. This is in preparation for the upcoming Revolution 2013 gathering in Philadelphia. We hope these postings give you a fresh perspective of God’s work and inspire hope for what is to come. Because as we chronicled yesterday, the Lord has been moving over decades with great power and precision to prepare the east coast and nation for this very hour!

My Friend Jill
Today I want to share a word that is very personal to me. Especially with the circumstances surrounding it.

A decade before she died in 2009, Jill Austin came into my life like a blazing comet. In Kansas City she took me under her wing immediately, mentoring me in the ways of Holy Spirit. Not “the” Holy Spirit, mind you, but Holy Spirit! Jill was adamant that Holy Spirit is a personal Being, just like the Father and Son. And we must learn to address Him personally, like a friend. And not any friend, but a best friend!

Though Jill was renown internationally, for some reason she always took time for me. She helped walk me through the challenges of moving in Holy Spirit—still learning—through the mazes and roller coasters of full-time ministry, and even through the sudden loss of my mom.

Second Continental Congress
Jill moved on from Kansas City shortly after I moved to Washington DC. I had stepped aside from ministry and was working full-time for the Department of Homeland Security. It was a season of joy—a stable job I loved, great provision for our family, and a small prayer ministry at church. Well… in her never-subtle way, Jill was about to change all that.

“You are a general in the body of Christ!” Jill thundered when Jolene and I saw her last. She was ministering at the Gate DC in 2007, known region-wide as a haven for spiritual revolutionaries. “You are like a spiritual Paul Revere. A revolutionary. And God is calling you to convene the 13 colonies for a Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia!”

Jill even mentioned that this event would some day be a demarcation for revival and national renewal. I just stood there wide-eyed. At the time I had no intention of returning to the ministry world, and being received as a “general” in the body of Christ was very hard to imagine.

Still is—just not so much. Especially because so many others have encouraged us with the same perception. Whether I’m a Paul Revere or a Pilgrim or a Judah Macabee, one thing’s for sure—I am still in process for this calling. So are you.

Releasing Spiritual Revolutionaries
But six years later, the Lord has unexpectedly accelerated Jolene and me as ministry leaders. National prophets are perceiving that the next move of Holy Spirit has actually begun. Our book—a field guide for spiritual revolutionaries—is just about to be released.

And early in 2013, after six years of prayer, the Lord told us to begin the process of fulfilling Jill’s “Second Continental Congress” word. Welcome to Revolution 2013.

Who knows what all this will look like! We just know we’re all moving towards east coast revival, national awakening, and a Second Continental Congress. And it is high time for true spiritual revolutionaries to be released and redefine our world.