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First—Please pray now for tomorrow’s historic Supreme Court hearing. The judges are literally “holding court” on public prayer. From an email update by governmental prayer leader Summer Ingram: 

Public prayer, as a long held freedom, is in dire jeopardy and this is one of the most crucial moments in America’s history. On November 6th, the United States Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments—for the first time in 400 years—regarding a case that will determine the constitutionality of legislative prayer in public forums. Nine individuals have the power to decide, for every citizen, whether or not officials praying in a government setting is permissible.

We will devote much of tomorrow’s call to intercession for the Supreme Court decision. Our land and government was covenanted to Jesus Christ from our foundation! Obviously the enemy has been seeking to disengage us from this covenant alignment… in so many ways. BUT GOD!

Interesting that Davids Tent culminates 43 days of worship at the White House Ellipse at 9am tomorrow! Suffice to say, the vigil will continue at the Supreme Court beginning at this same hour.

The Next Move of Holy Spirit has Begun! Chuck Pierce
Chuck Pierce just posted on weekend revival meetings with Dutch Sheets and others. I know they do not proclaim these things lightly. But according to Chuck:

“We could sense that a door of heavenly access had been opened. As Robert Heidler shared during his message on the history of revival, “The next move of Holy Spirit has begun!” From the outset, we could sense that the atmosphere had shifted and Holy Spirit was present to meet us in a new way…”

Our friend Linda Clark passed on a prophetic word from Chuck that her friends had received during his gathering this weekend.

“We all think it is prophetic that Boston had one of the greatest tragedies this year, and then had the victory in the World Series – We’re sending you both back this time to decree that THE MOVE OF GOD and the fire of God, and the power of God, and the authority of God will sweep over Boston and the ROOT STRUCTURE OF THIS NATION WILL BEGIN TO COME ALIVE AGAIN.”

We at Lamplighter are in full agreement! Remember how Thanksgiving—or this year Thanksgivukkah—celebrates our nation’s covenant with the Lord from the shores of Massachusetts. Now God is restoring His glory—and this new move will certainly affect the root structures of our nation “from Washington to Washington.”

We will be with Linda Clark and team on Monday, November 11 for a service at the Freedom Journey Outpost in Plymouth MA, following a special Crown and Throne weekend Nov. 8-10 in Connecticut. Schedule is on our website at Please pray for us, and join us if you can!

13 Colonies—Root Structure
Many, including the Lamplighter family, have been led by the Spirit to press towards the birthing of this new move as a primary focus for 2013. Early on, the Lord quickened that the time of release would late August through Hanukkah. To the glory of God, your prayers are absolutely impacting the nation!

The upcoming Revolution 2013 gathering is all about this new move of the Spirit. Grateful that many from across the nation are sensing a summons to come! We promised in these postings to convey keys and prophetic history related to the gathering. Especially for the benefit of friends in other regions, today and tomorrow I want briefly address the importance of your focus on the 13 colonies as a catalyst to national breakthrough.

In Romans 11, the Apostle Paul gives us a key. He very simply declares, “If the root is holy, so are the branches” (Romans 11:16). This principle applies to our own personal lives, and it applies to nations. In order to bring blessing to the “branches” across the nation, the original roots must be dealt with. They must be sanctified to Jesus. They must become holy!

Does this mean that there’s a measure to which revival in Boston or Savannah will impact the course of Missouri or Washington State? Absolutely. Even secular folks have picked up on this theme. It’s no coincidence that the slogan for the Massachusetts license plate is “Massachusetts… the Spirit of America.

And it’s no coincidence that Chuck Pierce would perceive how God’s new move in Massachusetts would impact the root structures of the nation. In a similar way, the original roots of our nation—both good and bad—were forged in the soil of the 13 colonies. Most every colonial town was established by covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ. The first structure to be raised was always a church, with the town being built around it.

And it was in these towns and villages of the 13 colonies that the cry, “No King but Jesus” took hold. As covenant roots of our nation, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania became primary torches of both the First Great Awakening and the American Revolution. The fire of revolution was sparked in Boston, and the governmental structure of our nation was framed by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia—after the representatives of the 13 colonies received breakthrough DURING A PUBLIC, LEGISLATIVE PRAYER MEETING.

We’ll share later this week how the Lord is prophetically summoning this Revolution 2013 gathering as a “second continental congress.” And how the new move of the Spirit incorporates a new level of governmental authority to catalyze change. Because nobody fights a revolution simply to take ground. Instead, every revolution is fought to establish new government!

We’re after Kingdom governance by the Holy Spirit. That’s actually what Crown and Throne is all about. So as we move towards these Supreme Court hearings, please pray for this covenantal legacy of governmental prayer to be preserved. We’ll continue this theme tomorrow with a key prophecy by Rick and Patti Ridings on the 13 colonies. COVENANT BLESSINGS… FROM WASHINGTON TO WASHINGTON!