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We are only a week away from the launch of Revolution 2013! So many of you have sent words of encouragement about the significance of this coming gathering. Thank you!

I want to briefly share one prophetic perception with you today. Our friend Bill Brubaker, from Edmonds WA, saw a vision as we were all praying on the call last night. According to Bill:

I hope I can articulate what I saw.  I saw Valley Forge in the winter and George Washington’s troops were sitting around a campfire that was just about—but not quite—burned out. The venue, as it were, was the Revolution conference. The fire was God’s covenant with America and those warriors sitting around the almost burned out fire were those attending the conference. They were blowing on the coals in order to re-ignite the fire of that covenant. And that the resulting blaze would in turn re-ignite America’s passion for God and Country.

Timing: Thanksgiving and Hanukkah
Hey, there’s a reason we are joining together at Valley Forge this year, right at the convergence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. Thanksgiving celebrates the covenant made by the Pilgrims that birthed our nation into freedom. Hanukkah honors the legacy of those who fought to see God’s covenant with their nation re-ignited. Who broke through the strongest army on earth in their day, reclaimed their Temple and relit the menorah to blaze again as a witness to God’s covenant grace.

Friends, it’s time to stir the embers and see Christ’s flame of covenantal awakening blaze again in our nation. It’s time for revolutionaries to be commissioned to light their lamps and spread this sacred fire!

And it’s time to stand for the God-breathed, covenantal alliance between America and Israel as “the apple of God’s eye” faces her most desperate hour. Last night’s intercession for Israel was profound. We’ll share more in postings ahead. But as warnings of imminent war come forth, I believe many of you are being summoned by the Lord for a revolutionary “watchman call” in this hour. Destinies of nations are at stake.

Just as Washington trained his groups at Valley Forge, so you will be trained and equipped at Revolution 2013 as a competent warrior for this season of change. The phrase “more is caught than taught” holds true. So look for times of prayer, impartation and personal interaction as we explore together God’s work and call in this new move of His Spirit!

Covenant blessings to each of you,

Jon & Jolene