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NOTE: WE WILL NOT BE POSTING TOMORROW. So please set your reminders now for tomorrow’s call!

WHAT A TIME in New England! It was a great honor to join with saints in Connecticut this weekend with veteran watchman Janet LeBoutillier and Pastor Rick McKinniss and the Wellspring Church. Then this Pilgrim descendent, and his Native American bride, landed in Plymouth MA on 11-11 for a special consecration service with Linda Clark and the Freedom Journey Outpost.

And what a journey. Celebrating the Pilgrim Covenant on 11-11, at this church on the Plymouth waterfront just down from the Mayflower II, brought to life their journey in a way I had not expected. God is releasing new Pilgrims and spiritual revolutionaries. The ones I’ve encountered already carry a fierce resolve to establish His freedom covenant in our time.

So I want to thank each of you who came alongside us and interceded for this weekend. Interesting that we had weather in the 60s Monday, followed by a snow squall today that blanketed the region of Cape Cod and Plymouth in snow. Jolene and I were in Jerusalem for their first rain of the season, and Plymouth for the first snow of the season! Definitely a sign of new beginnings…

God’s army is on a freedom journey. Prayer warriors, please focus your heart and intercession on God’s work through the upcoming Revolution conference in Philadelphia. Looking forward to praying with you Wednesday evening. Blessing you from this covenant root, in Jesus’ Name!