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NO KING BUT JESUS. A hundred evenings from now, virtually every American will be engaging in an impassioned watch through a very long night. For most, their windows to the world will be televisions, computers, tablets, phones. But for many, hopefully a majority, the window to the world that will prevail will be an open heaven through the Word of God and prayer.

Because during this night watch of November 3, America’s election night, I believe the future of our nation and world will be defined. 

After hanging around high level prophets for a roundtable all week you’d think we would know how the election will turn out. Most have a strong sense who should win. But none of our friends felt a victory for either party had yet been secured. 

I will say with full assurance that as of July 22, the window has opened for turnaround. This time to complete the turnaround God gave us so much grace to begin. 

Our turnaround journey began on 7-22. And not just because Holy Spirit directed a team of prophets to declare the release of His turnaround by the White House. Importantly, 7-22 also marked the 400th anniversary of the launch of the Pilgrims from Leyden Holland. The beginning of a turnaround journey which eventually shifted the entire world. 

Today’s turnaround journey does not culminate with the elections, just a hundred days from now. We must carry this torch past November 3, just a little while longer. Because November 11 marks the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ landing and signing of the Mayflower Compact, committing our land and government to Jesus Christ. It is this covenantal alignment that must trump all other agendas if we are to see God’s intentions for this land realized.

100 Days—Five Pivot Points
Some prophets have warned that between now and then our nation is poised to face great upheaval. That’s entirely possible. All I know is that at Valley Forge earlier this year the Lord showed me prophetically we would follow a similar path to George Washington and his troops. He trained his troops in the midst of one plague and threatened by the emergence of another. He moved forward re-engage his troops in battle in June. And from that time on the war for America’s freedom became fully consumed.

Are you ready? I hope so. Because prophetically, I sense that one way or another November 2020 marks a point of no return. That said, prophetically, here are five prophetic pivot points to consider. 

  1. The continued riots will absolutely backfire. Protests against racial injustice were embraced by mainstream Americans of every color even in the midst of a global pandemic—very simply because the outrage was justified, and despite media reports we genuinely stand as one.

    But the riots were not justified. Nor was the black on black destruction of property or killings that continued to rage all the while. Part of our resolve must be that black lives matter throughout the cycle of life—beginning from the womb.

    Now that we seem to face a dire Covid resurgence, mainstream America has lost any pretense of toleration of riots. I believe this continuation by Antifa and other groups could become the tipping point which shifts the election dramatically towards the party that empowers law and order, as well as the eradication of government-funded abortion in our land.

  2. Pray for the DOJ. The Durham investigation is expected to conclude soon. Lawlessness that has been embedded within key spheres of government over many years, even decades, is expected to be exposed. This will rightly outrage all Americans who genuinely care about justice—from the protesters to the preachers and prophets to the president. Pray for the DOJ!
  3. China and Iran. Warning! International storms are brewing which may dramatically impact our shores. The exposure of a Chinese spy ring at their Houston consulate should be seen as a red alert. Especially knowing that the intelligence community rarely makes such a move publicly.

    And beneath the tip of the iceberg is usually, well, an iceberg.

    Then there’s Iran. Mysterious explosions over the past month have set back Iran’s nuclear ambitions for at least two years. Confrontations at least by Iranian proxies such as Hezbollah are potentially at hand. Lets continue to keep watch and see the Prince of Persia restrained. And we must absolutely stand in the spirit against ungodly alliances between the two nations.

  4. Biden’s VP—the Real Presidential Candidate? No matter what, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s  pick for Vice President will be a pivot point. Given Biden’s apparent health issues, it is entirely possible his pick for a running mate could assume a much greater role even before the 2020 elections. Please keep watch and pray!
  5. New Way Forward. Finally, I do not believe it was any coincidence civil rights leader John Lewis was laid to rest at the intersection of this 100 day journey. As I commented on Facebook, earlier in the day the procession of the legendary civil rights pioneer ushered him across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL for one final crossing. History was made there on “Bloody Sunday” in 1965 when Alabama police brutalized nonviolent protesters, including Lewis. We were privileged to pray there four years ago on the Glory Train journey.

    From Fox News: “On the south side of the bridge, where Lewis was beaten by Alabama state troopers in 1965, family members placed red roses that the carriage rolled over, marking the spot where Lewis spilled his blood and suffered a head injury.”

    Profound. How appropriate that this Sunday Congressman Lewis was accompanied by a full military honor guard at this same bridge. With Alabama state troopers celebrating the legacy of this courageous man.

    In 1965 the nation entered a new journey from this historic bridge. From this final crossing a new way forward is again being summoned from the heart of God. A freedom movement. Embracing nonviolence.  Aligning with Jesus. Joining us together. Releasing genuine justice. From the protesters to the preachers and prophets to the president, I hope we all have the courage to respond.

    Because the true pivot points for the 2020 elections are not about right versus left, but right versus wrong. And it will cost something to take a stand. Lets keep watch!