08-08—LIVE STREAMING! ANCIENT OF DAYS TOUR. 7pm PT/ 10pm ET. Facebook Live! Click here to watch:https://www.facebook.com/billie.alexander.12

With Jon and Jolene and Chris Mitchell, hosted by Billie Alexander. Culminating the Glory Train—Ancient of Days tour from Alaska to San Diego. Worship by Craig and Karlett Muster with Klee L’ Adonai dance ministry! 

Location: River Garden Weddings and Events, 390 Mimosa Lane, Vista, CA.

INVESTING IN THE GLORY TRAIN! Help us finish strong. August 8 marks the first day of Elul, where the firstfruits are presented to the Lord. Lets give generously and seal the covenant breakthrough He has granted. Sow into God’s breakthrough highway of glory, and watch Him secure your pathway in breakthrough!

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FROM ALASKA ON 7-22 TO SAN DIEGO ON 08-08… Out of the wilderness God has prepared the way! From Palmer Alaska to Seattle to Portland to Sacramento to San Jose, Hollywood and now San Diego, we have encountered the Ancient of Days. We have learned of His ways. And we have been privileged to experience realms of His glory! 

Now on this first day of Elul, a mission has been accomplished. And a move of God’s Spirit for you is being accelerated.

Governmental Glory and Release of Inheritance
Last night was different than all other meetings. Chris, Jolene and I felt led to begin by prophetically sharing on governmental dimensions of God’s glory. Chris conveyed how Psalm 2 shows the kings of the earth setting themselves in positions of power—in defiance of those governed and ultimately in defiance of the Lord Himself. But there was another setting of rulership which no earthly king could defy. “But as for Me, I have installed My King upon Zion, My holy mountain!” (Ps 2:6).

And His power prevails.

I felt to share on the words of Miriam or Mary, mother of Jesus. While Jesus was still in her womb, Miriam prophesied a dimension of her Son’s calling which is just now coming into view. “He brings down unjust rulers from their thrones!” (Luke 1:52). Just as we have seen the prophesied exposure of Gov. Cuomo, I believe we will see similar breakthroughs along the “breakthrough highway of glory” through the west coast. A new government is aligning. His verdict of justice is being released and manifested in favor of the saints! (Dan. 7:22).

A Time Gate has Opened!
See His Glory, Recover Inheritance, Recover a Movement

As part of this the Lord also began to declare the redeeming of time. Windows of opportunity for thwarted moves of the Spirit in California to be re-constituted and re-released. As of now we have entered into the days of Joshua. Remember he saw the window to possess the land open and then close when God’s people succumbed to fear. This led to 40 years in the wilderness. But a window opened for the redemption of time. Opportunities that was thwarted suddenly became reconstituted! And the promise of God to possess the land was finally manifested. 

The Spirit of God made it so clear. As of Elul 2021, the King is again in the field. AND WE ARE IN A JOSHUA MOMENT! His window has opened to possess our inheritance. This is both a word for the breakthrough highway of glory, and for the nation. Above all, it is a word for you and me right now! COAST TO COAST, HIS COVENANTAL INHERITANCE IS BEING RELEASED!

So let me encourage you to access this time gate to see His glory! And also to recover the inheritance He has promised you personally, nationally. It’s turnaround time!

Remember also that today, the first day of Elul, market a time to present your first fruits to the Lord. Remember a primary way to secure your breakthrough is to sow into the move of the Spirit!We encourage you this 08-08 to sow into God’s breakthrough highway of glory, and watch Him secure your pathway in breakthrough. To make a contribution click here: https://jonandjolene.us/contribute/

Tonight! Securing Covenant—Live Streamed!
NOTE THAT TONIGHT’S SERVICE WILL BE LIVE-STREAMED. Tonight will carry a different expression. Our nation, from Plymouth Massachusetts and Virginia Beach all the way to San Diego, belongs to the Lord by covenant! 

It is amazing that our friend Billie Alexander secured a WEDDING VENUE for these gatherings. Tonight will be a historic moment as we bear witness to His covenant in a way that sees God’s glory unlocked, and the states along the breakthrough highway of glory realigned.

Remember, no covenant no glory. No covenant, legitimacy. No covenant, no inheritance. But as covenant with the land is secured, validated by Heaven’s Court, the door opens for the restoration of the glory of God. And the movement that shifts the west coast and nation is secured. 

Final point here. Lori Perz pointed out that today, 08-08, marks the beginning of 40 days of TESHUVAH in preparation for the Jewish new year. Teshuvah is the Hebraic word for both repentance and turnaround. Watch how the Lord moves through the gates as your Breaker in these 40 days. It is truly TURNAROUND TIME!