TONIGHT! 7-7 SACRAMENTO! COVENANT CONNECTION! 7pm The Rock of Roseville, Roseville (metro Sacramento) CA. With Vicki Nohrden, more. 


KEY DAY to invest in God’s covenant. Lamplighter family, please consider sowing into God’s turnaround in your life and world this 07-07. Claim His promises—Heaven opened, devourer rebuked. Crossover time! To make a donation click here. 

07-07—Crossover Day!
Great call last night. Thanks to all who connected and prayed. TODAY we are crossing over into an in incredible season where God’s covenant is being established!

What does this crossover look like? Here’s what the Lord is conveying about the turnaround window God is offering us. The Holy Spirit pointed me to the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s, restoring America from a downward spiral of the 1970s which affected every sphere of society. We felt to sojourn to the Reagan Library on July 4 to governmentally declare this turnaround.

Before we go there… Many of you shared prophet Lana Vawser’s message on 07-07. I totally agree with her perceptions. In fact the reason we are in Sacramento today, the ninth anniversary of the Call Nashville, is because we are sensing the same thing. Lana writes:

I feel the Lord saying that July 7th is significant in the crossing over for the people of God into a NEW SEASON! There is a BREAKING FORTH upon us as God’s people, we will see that a lot of our deep, deep “caterpillar in the cocoon” processes are now shifting to the breaking forth of the BUTTERFLIES!!! New life, new day, new height and new sight! 

BREAK FORTH SON AND DAUGHTER OF GOD! You are COMING OUT!!! You are BREAKING FORTH!!!! Your identity is further manifesting!!! The unveiling of the deep work of His Spirit and heart surgery He has been doing in you through repentance and surrender in the months leading up to July 7th is about to be seen. Entering into this “summer season” you shall see your healing, your freedom, your breakthrough and deliverance spring forth even more. 

Many have been living in the firstfruits manifesting and now there shall be abundance of fruit and breakthrough in the summer time.

The people of God are coming out of the season of hiding, out of the season of terror and trembling and into a season of greater peace, courage, adventure, joy and seeing the Glory of God manifest in their new day in exceptional ways. 

Love this. There’s such an anointing on her word!

We released revelation last October about the historic turnaround window the Lord is now opening. What does it look like? As in the days of Reagan…

2016: Heaven at Your Gates Brings Conflict of Thrones
The Lord has clearly spoken to us that 2016 is a year of the “Conflict of Thrones.” Also a year of “Heaven at Your Gates.” This first seems like a dichotomy. But in the Spirit, the conflict of thrones is actually accelerated by this move of Heaven at your gates!

“And I saw Heaven opened, and behold a white horse. He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war…” (Rev. 19:11).

In many cases, the conflict itself may even be evidence of God’s coming move. That’s good news friends—from Washington to Washington to Jerusalem. And as always, conflict with the enemy brings to the surface issues we need to deal with to align with God for victory. Time for a return to spiritual discipline and a “changing of the garb.”

Ok. This brings us to a third revelatory directive the Lord is now emphasizing. I want to share it briefly in context. Then lets revv up our Back to the Future flux capacitors and take a journey back in time.

Securing the Gates—A Missing Key!
The warnings have been flooding in. Enemy forces penetrating our gates through the riverways. Explosions, even nuclear detonations. Economic challenges. Intifada and terrorism in Israel and on our own soil.

This was weighing so heavily on my heart last week I found it hard to sleep. What do we do? One morning, the Lord answered with a primary foundation for every other aspect of securing our gates. And it honestly surprised me.

The phrase came to my spirit, “Year of the Tithe.” And that my friends is what I’m announcing to you today.

In Malachi 3, God compels a wayward nation to return to Him. The prophet asks, how shall we return? God’s reply stunned him, I’m sure. “Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed me… you are cursed with a curse, for you have robbed me, even this whole nation!

One of the few instances where God actually challenges us to “prove Me now in this.” He promises to “Open for you the windows of heaven, and pour out such blessing there’s not room enough to receive it. And I will rebuke the devourer” from your sphere of authority!

I saw like never before God’s invitation to see the devourer rebuked, and Heaven secured at the gates of our entire nation. And the promise was given in context with returning to Him with our tithes and offerings.

Year of the Tithe.

Have you ever wondered how your obedience in tithes in offerings actually affects Washington DC? Our military and law enforcement? How about your own capacity to receive fresh, unfiltered revelation from the Throne? Because if God’s promise is true, receiving His blessing through tithes and offerings is foundational to securing Heaven at these gates.

Back to the Future!
My first response was kind of skeptical. Like, that’s way too easy. This is foundational, like ROTC, Lord, when we need special ops! But I did ask God to show me where in history such an impact has been made to affect the nation as a whole.

Immediately He showed me a panorama of history, focused on the 1970s and 1980s. So lets take a journey back in time.

Remember the ‘70s. Patriotism was at an all-time low. We had just pulled out of Vietnam, and our soldiers came home to reproach and disgrace instead of the honor that was due. Gas shortages mandated lines at the pump stretching sometimes for a mile. Nixon resigned from the presidency rather than face impeachment. Ford, then Carter came into office.

The economy was teetering. Imagine interest rates for homes at 20%!

Meanwhile, the Cold War was still in full swing, with Russia breathing nuclear threats. Then came the Iranian Revolution. Taking captive 50 hostages for 444 days. The failure of a special ops rescue mission conveyed to the world the weakened state of our military.

Everything changed on a dime with the election of Ronald Reagan. Immediately Iran released its captives. The economy began to surge again. Our military was restored. A holy patriotism began to overtake the shame we all felt. Even the giant of Communism fell!

And the nations regained respect for the United States of America. Ronald Reagan was a great man, but he honestly wasn’t capable of all that. Something more was in play, and America during the Reagan years was its beneficiary.

The Catalyst? A New Move of God!
This is what the Spirit of God showed me. In the darkest hour of the 1970s, an Oklahoma preacher named Kenneth Hagin started preaching about God’s blessing in finances, and His will for His people to prosper. The Word of Faith movement was ignited.

And at the core of this message was a sacred call to obedience to God in tithes and offerings, to secure His blessing at our gates. The promise of the tithe was literally restored to mainstream Christianity through this move. And in less than a decade, America saw one of the most dramatic turnarounds in our entire history.

God literally opened the windows of Heaven and rebuked the devourer from our gates!

Here’s a coincidence worth noting. A man named Gates started a global computer revolution which propelled our national economy into the recovery zone. It featured an operating system called Windows. Gates…windows…you get the hint, right?

Many, including myself, have compared today’s era to the Carter years. Because we didn’t hold the ground our soldiers had gained, to our humiliation Iraq is now in the hands of ISIS. Russia is flexing its muscles against the United States in a manner not seen since the Cold War. Terror threats abound. And we are again in a political and military quagmire with Iran, while they again hold Americans hostage!

We desperately need a turnaround in America, like the Reagan era. I honestly believe that’s what the Lord is offering us. But like in the Reagan era, it’s not coming by way of man’s might. It’s coming by a move of the Spirit of God.

And as part of the groundwork for this turnaround, God is calling all believers in Christ to rededicate themselves to His sacred promise through the divine exchange of tithes and offerings. A Year of the Tithe, in Jesus’ Name!