Revolution—Archived Messages
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Thursday December 6
Afternoon session: REVOLUTION LAUNCH—Send Your Fire!
Corporate flow with worship, prayer, message by Jon. 

Evening session: CHUCK PIERCE teaching and prophetic words.

Friday December 7
Morning session: JON HAMILL shares on the Freedom Movement! Understand the new way forward the Lord is opening for His people. Includes Glory Train prophecy. 

Evening session: RICK AND PATRICIA RIDINGS on the foundations of God’s Throne. Amazing revelation and real-life examples of divine intervention!

Saturday December 8
Morning session: FAISAL MALICK shares on taking your seat of authority and receiving His mantle for your life. Includes key revelation on US political world. Begins with weighty introduction by Pastor Chris Mitchell on the King taking His seat in Washington DC. Culminates with powerful call by Jolene to respond in repentance. 

Afternoon session: JAMIE JACKSON brings a powerful prophetic message on the state of the church from an overnight dream. Teshuvah!

7:00 pm FAISAL MALICK shares mind-expanding revelation on the Melchizedek priesthood. 

About Revolution 2018—from Introduction
Revolution 2018 was held over Hanukkah at the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC. We together received a fresh commissioning from His covenant flame! The Lord is forging a new way forward for His people. Our nation will shift as a result! 

It’s time to overcome the cycles of your past and complete the turnaround the Lord has ordained for you. You will be equipped to innovate—with revelation, anointing and 2020 vision. And you will grow in your effectiveness as kings and priests in this Crown & Throne movement.

Note that our overarching focus was simply experiencing God’s governmental glory both personally and corporately. Just as with Moses, God will be speaking to you, and commissioning you, from His fire!

Chuck Pierce brings an incredible focus on real-time prophetic revelation with governmental authority to release you into the fullness of the blessings and opportunities the Lord is opening for you. He continues to deeply impact Washington DC through his wisdom and prophetic insights. A pioneer in apostolic and prophetic ministry over decades, Chuck has helped equip the body of Christ with a deeper revelation of a Hebraic worldview in times and seasons. It is an honor to have this spiritual revolutionary join with us in Washington DC over Hanukkah!

Faisal Malick is one of the foremost apostolic leaders of our time. His character, integrity, humility and profound revelation have been forged in the fire. Faisal’s classic book “The Political Spirit” is widely regarded as a must-read on governmental prayer. A favorite of Revolution attendees, Faisal will equip you with clear, life-changing revelation to grow in Christ and impact your world. 

Rick and Patricia Ridings are celebrated globally for their accurate prophetic insights, their humility and fierce love. Founders of the 24-7 Succat Hallel in Jerusalem, they actually coined the term “Crown & Throne” as part of a clarion message to Washington DC years ago. The shift they prophesied defines the city today. They will again be releasing a very important prophetic word to our nation as part of their ministry at Revolution this year.

Jamie and Redonnia Jackson & Remnant Worship. We are privileged to have the Remant team with us this year! Pastors Jamie and Redonnia Jackson lead a cutting-edge church with an incredible worship team in Brunswick GA. The worship team is led by Da’Neil Sharpe, who is known for bringing people into a deeply personal prophetic encounter with Jesus. Jamie and Redonnia will both be sharing in the conference. 

Special thanks to Jamie and Julie Bass for their incredible assistance with the web stream and conference archives for Revolution 2018. And thanks to all our volunteers for making this dream possible. May Jesus reward you hugely!