Rick Ridings, James Nesbit, Martin Frankena, Abby Abildness, Jon & Jolene Hamill, more.

Worship by Jamie Fitt and the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David

Dec. 8-11 | Whole Word Fellowship-The Gate

Host hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Fairfax, 703-385-7774. Ask for Revolution 2016
PRAYER CALL TONIGHT! 9pm EST. Conference call
number 641-715-3605 access code 552-690.
Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

As prophesied, a precedent-setting turnaround is now taking place before our eyes. Many have called it a revolution. And in the spiritual realm, a window has opened to realign our lives and region towards God’s intended destiny. The victory line for our battles must become the gateway for God’s governmental glory.

December is the month of Hanukkah. Where spiritual revolutionaries took back their heritage and consecrated it for God’s glory! Please note that in early December, the next President and leaders will be establishing their seats of authority in Washington DC. Powers will be unseated, and a new order established that will affect us for generations. What a key time to convene God’s “Continental Congress!” Together we can be equipped to see our seats of authority become His Thrones of Glory.

It’s time to receive a fresh word from the Lord! Let your vision be restored and your faith renewed. Receive healing that moves you past your current circumstances. Above all, be equipped to establish your sphere as a throne of glory to the Lord! Join us December 8-11 for Revolution 2016—Thrones of Glory.

Please note that a priority of each Revolution gathering is to facilitate the present move of Holy Spirit in our midst. We have found these gatherings catalytic to setting our course for the coming year. No King but Jesus!

Thursday evening 7:00 pm, Whole Word sanctuary.

Friday morning options:
A. 10:00 am, Chapel, Healing and Deliverance Seminar with Martin Frankena.
B. 10:00 am Onsite Prayer Journey, Washington DC
Friday evening 7:00 pm, Whole Word sanctuary.

Saturday morning 10:00 am-2:00 pm with breaks, Whole Word Sanctuary.
Saturday evening 7:00 pm, Whole Word Sanctuary.

Sunday morning 10:00 am, Whole Word Sanctuary.

Guest Ministers
Rick and Patti Ridings are respected globally for their clear prophetic revelation and deep humility. They have ministered to the heart of Washington DC over many decades. The founders of the 24-7 Succat Hallel in Jerusalem, Rick and Patti have seen nation-impacting miracles in answer to their prayers. For more information see

James Nesbit is a prophet, a worship leader and a world-renown visual artist. In 2011 he led a 40 day worship vigil in Washington DC that helped launch many prayer movements in the region. The director of Prepare the Way Ministries, James leads a national worship movement called “Tribe Quantum.” For James’ art see For James’ ministry see

Martin Frankena is uniquely gifted in healing and deliverance to move you towards your God-given potential. With keen prophetic discernment, Martin ministers the heart of the Father in both teaching sessions and personal counseling. For more information see

Revolution Ministers
Revolution 2016 is the fourth yearly gathering flowing from a collaboration between ministry leaders Jon and Jolene Hamill, Abby Abildness and Jamie Fitt. In 2007, Jill Austin prophesied to Jon and Jolene about a “Second Continental Congress,” a gathering of revolutionary leaders who will direct the nation into God’s intended destiny. Our yearly Revolution gatherings carry this focus.

Abby Abildness, Healing Tree International, Hershey PA

Jamie Fitt, Philadelphia Tabernacle of David, Philadelphia PA.

Jon and Jolene Hamill, Lamplighter Ministries, Washington DC. | |

Host Fellowships
We are honored to be hosted by:
Pitts and Mary Evans,
Whole Word Fellowship,
David and Tracy Ruleman,
The Gate DC,
Timothy Yooshik Seo,
Northern Virginia House of Prayer,