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Jon—the Watch Must Continue
What a week. We’ve been filled with gratitude over the dramatic exposures continuing to make headlines, and then filled with despair over the horrific church shootings in Texas.The enemy has been raging. Probably because God’s people are finally gaining the higher ground. Either way, the tables are definitely beginning to turn! 

That said, this morning the Lord spoke to me to continue this Turning Tables Prayer Project. What I actually heard was “Keep watch until you see Me.” Like many of you, we’ve prayed faithfully over these past 21 days, receiving communion every day and then handing the bread to the betrayer. We celebrated the closure of this watch last night at home group. 

But in my spirit the project still felt unfinished. Sometimes the Lord lets me slide on these things. But not today. When Holy Spirit spoke this morning, I immediately sensed there was great risk involved in not following through. 

The 21 day vigil of the prophet Daniel is a prototype for this watch, as well as many others we’ve done together.  Daniel of course fasted and prayed for 21 days until the spirit realm became supercharged by God’s tangible presence, and an angel of the Lord broke through. In the unseen realm a spiritual battle way beyond his comprehension was being waged, triggered actually by his own request. My sense is that it’s much the same right now. 

Daniel didn’t finish his watch because his 21 days were up. He didn’t stop until the angel of the Lord broke through. Nor should we.

The witness of the project’s completion might come gently. Or it might come with the divine thunder of an angelic visitation. Who knows. All I do know right now is that the vigil remains incomplete. So I’m asking you to join Jolene and me as we continue. Lets not speculate on the timing. Instead lets ramp up our intercession, even in the Spirit. Keep watch. 

And please keep praying for President Trump on his Asia tour. It’s vitally important! 

Jolene—the Great Unravelling
Let me close with a prophetic perception from Jolene this morning. For a while now the Lord has been showing her a progressive vision featuring a huge, tangled ball of string. The string represents the high-level entanglements and corruption of a few key leaders in Washington DC, involving abuse of power, high level intentional deception and even sex abuse.

In short, betrayal. 

Jolene’s been praying over this vision for months. And for months she’s been saying that the string of these entanglements is too tightly wound up here to unwind it only from Washington DC. Instead it has to be unwoven from the outer ends. The Lord showed her that’s a major reason why we are sent from DC to minister, including on the Glory Train journey. Some of this simply can’t be accomplished so close to the source.

For instance, Hollywood and Washington DC are way intertwined. What’s now happening there is also beginning to happen here. At the very same time, only maybe at a lesser magnitude.  

But it’s going to happen. Because last night the Lord clearly spoke to Jolene the phrase, “the Great Unravelling.” 

Beloved, watch in this season how this project gets completed. No doubt it will be quite an adventure. Covenant blessings to each of you, and we’ll talk with you tonight. NO KING BUT JESUS!