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REVOLUTION 2018—COMMISSIONED BY FIRE. Hosted by Jon & Jolene Hamill. With Chuck Pierce, Rick and Patricia Ridings, Faisal Malick,  and many more. Worship by the Remnant Band with Jamie & Redonnia Jackson. Join us over Hanukkah 2018 in Washington DC to receive a fresh commissioning from His covenant flame! The Lord is forging a new way forward for His people. It’s time to overcome the cycles of your past and complete the turnaround the Lord has ordained. Our nation will shift as a result!  Jolene and I want to welcome you for Revolution 2018 in the grace, leadership and authority Jesus has entrusted to you as an emissary of His Kingdom. We are convening as a a continental congress, a united expression of His ekklesia, to release His covenant purposes into our land. You will receive key briefings on national issues. You will be equipped to innovate—with revelation, anointing and 2020 vision. And you will grow in your effectiveness as kings and priests in this Crown & Throne movement. One of the most important aspects of Revolution this year will be to continue cultivating the prophetic expressions birthed in our recent Rome to Jerusalem tour. Jesus is resounding a “midnight cry.” We are lighting our lampstands to blaze with clarity, and seeing a womens movement accelerated to impact America, the Mideast and the nations. Note that our overarching focus will be experiencing...

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