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Prophetically, we’ve covered a lot of ground through the first week of this new year. We started off with a call to advance. We invited the Lord to sit as Judge over our lives and spheres, enforcing His verdict to propel us into His freedom and His promised land.

Jolene followed up with the profound word “In One Moment It Will All Change.” She wrote: Situations that seem to be worsening and our so complicated that there seems to be no resolution even possible. The Lord is declaring into those situations that he will bring change in one minute.  Situations that seem in the natural that will take years to unravel the cords of the enemy from will be resolved in a minute by the Lord. I have a friend in ministry who used to say, “Let’s just give the Holy Spirit a minute…” For God’s people this year, this is all it is going to take. Very simply, Holy Spirit and a minute! 

Jolene’s word was followed by “Crown & Throne: a Vision of the Unshakeable Throne,” with a broad overview of what we feel God is saying for the year. Two words highlighting the Table of the Lord were then shared. Hopefully they brought clarity to you on both the hour in which we live, and the special focus God is giving this year to apostolic community.

Taking these words to heart, here are 14 declarations for 2014. We encourage you to pray through them, encourage yourselves in the Lord with them, and frame your future by declaring them!

1. No Judge but Jesus! Lord we declare that you are reviewing our past, present and future in the courts of Your justice. We receive your verdict of freedom in Christ! Come take Your seat of authority over our lives, families, churches and regions. TAKE YOUR SEAT AS JUDGE OVER WASHINGTON DC! JUDGE IN OUR FAVOR, IN FAVOR OF THE SAINTS! (Dan. 7:22).

2. We receive the Table of the Lord! We now advance! Like the children of Israel over Passover, You are calling us to invoke the verdict of Your blood covenant over our lives. We receive Your body and blood. We invoke and apply Your precious body and blood to cover our lives, spirit, soul and body. We invoke and apply Your blood covenant to our family, our communities in Christ, to our professional spheres, to our region and state, to Washington DC and our nation! IN JESUS’ NAME WE RECEIVE THE VERDICT OF YOUR BODY AND BLOOD—AND BY YOU WE ADVANCE!

3. In one moment it will change! Lord You desire immediate turnarounds in our lives and nation this year. We declare that difficult situations can and will turn around in a moment of time. Let Your word run swiftly and be glorified. Let Your word bring clarity, hope, deliverance and provision. IN ONE MOMENT IT WILL ALL CHANGE!

4. Lord we advance to possess Your Promised Land—the spheres and promises allotted to us. We receive Your covenant inheritance, in Jesus’ Name! We declare the scepter of the wicked shall not rest long on the land allotted to the righteous! (Psalm 125:3).

5. Our praise becomes Your sanctuary! From Psalm 114: When Israel went forth from Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of strange language, Judah became His sanctuary; and Israel His dominion. Lord, You are restoring Your glory in our lives and world. According to Psalm 114, let our praise now become Your sanctuary! We declare that You establish Your seat of authority over our spheres of responsibility and dominion that we have committed to you by covenant. WE DECLARE THIS YEAR, OUR PRAISE BECOMES YOUR SANCTUARY! AND OUR SPHERES, YOUR DOMINION!

6. River of God be released! Lord You promised that this year you are again giving apostolic authority to release the river of God, and direct its path. Flow in and through our lives. We declare we are led by Your Spirit, we receive the communion of Your Spirit, we move with Your Spirit, we are baptized in Your Spirit. Flood our nation, from Washington to Washington. Let Your waters overflow, and continue to expose the underground and secret places of corruption (isaiah 28). Flood Israel with Your glory. NOT BY MIGHT NOR BY POWER, BUT BY MY SPIRIT, SAYS THE LORD. WE NOW AGREE AND DECLARE—RIVER OF GOD BE RELEASED!

7. We declare the re-emergence of Your forerunner anointing, in Jesus’ Name! Father, in Jesus Name we speak to the giftings, anointings, graces in our lives to be stirred up and flow again! According to Zechariah 4:1, even angels of the Lord that have been dispatched in former seasons to speak to Your people—they are being released again! Release Your angels again to awaken Your people and quicken Your word. BRING BREAKTHROUGH! LORD NOW RELEASE LEADERS AND INTERCESSORS BEING WITHSTOOD BY THE ENEMY TO RE-EMERGE AND ADVANCE!

8. Ruling roundtables be released! Lord establish now corporate prophetic roundtables from region to region. Let apostolic community be established, in Jesus’ Name. Let Holy Spirit unity and synergy be restored to Your people. We declare we align with Your Throne, dwell together in unity, and receive Your commanded blessing (Pslam 133). We declare we are made strong by what every joint supplies! (Eph. 4:16). Lord we receive now an increased level of Your prophetic anointing, Your Issachar anointing to perceive the times and seasons. We receive more of Your Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus (Eph. 1). WE DECLARE WE ARE MADE STRONG, DISCERNING AND VICTORIOUS BY YOUR SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS (Rev. 19:10). WE ADVANCE!

9. Covenant wealth come forth! (Deut. 8:18). Lord we declare that You now supply all our needs according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus (Phillipians 4:19). We possess now the houses, lands, properties, inheritances, and other blessings You have ordained for us to receive through Your covenant promises. We declare we shall recognize by the Spirit the promises that our ours, and Your timing to receive them. We receive now the covenant wealth needed to possess Your promises—the wealth of heaven and earth. Covenant favor come forth! WE ARE BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING. THEREFORE WE DECLARE THE WEALTH OF NATIONS COMES TO US, AND THE GLORY OF GOD FILLS OUR HOUSE!

10. Rule Man! Lord we call forth the leaders You have appointed to rule in this season. We bless our leaders in Jesus’ Name! We declare Your faith, hope and love cover them. Favor and honor surround them like a shield. THIS YEAR, RULE WITH THEM AND THROUGH THEM BY YOUR COVENANT, IN JESUS’ NAME. RULE WITH US AND THROUGH US!

11. Throne of David be established! Lord this year, both government and the marketplace will be impacted by this breakthrough work in our midst! We release Your synergy between the prayer movement and the marketplace, and the prayer movement and government. THRONE OF DAVID BE ESTABLISHED IN MY SPHERE. WE AGAIN DECLARE OUR PRAISE BECOMES YOUR SANCTUARY!

12. Lord, let Your Crown & Throne movement be fully established! Be fully released in every city, every state, every sphere of society! In Jesus’ Name. COVENANT INTIMACY, COVENANT AUTHORITY, COVENANT BREAKTHROUGH!

13. Lord You are bringing Your deliverance and restoring Your glory to the 13 colonies of our nation! From Massachusetts and Maine to Georgia and Florida. From Washington to Washington. LORD, YOUR GLORY COMES IN BY WAY OF THE GATE FACING EAST, AND FILLS THE WHOLE HOUSE! (Ezek. 43).

14. Lord we declare the full release of Your Great Return! We declare the release of your awakening! Where multitudes will disengage from Jezebel’s table and return to the Table of the Lord. Lord restrain Baal and all the forces of Baal according to Your covenant with us. Deliver us from unreasonable and wicked men. We choose now to disengage from Jezebel’s table and receive our provision and life from Your Table of covenant alone. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN.