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First–my apologies for the lateness of this posting. I’ll just say at least 20 hours of November 11 were lived to the fullest. From coast to coast, it’s truly been a “Midnight Ride!”

Jolene and I want to thank you for your intercession and support through this Midnight Cry Prayer Watch. Together we have contended in prayer for David’s Tent and the nation. We watched with vigilance as the Tabernacle took shelter from the storm. And we celebrated at the literal restoration of David’s Tent on Reformation Day–even as the “Tent the Nation” initiative was being fulfilled in every state of the nation!

From the beginning of this journey, we felt that David’s Tent was a signpost for the nation. The enemy has tried to X us out, but Bridal Canopy prevails! Especially in light of recent events, this is really good news for us all. I want to close by sharing how the Lord orchestrated our time pegging in the northeast and southwest corners of this Bridal Canopy.

Gloucester: From X to Bridal Canopy
We literally “pegged our way” up the coast from Cape Cod to Plymouth, Boston’s Old North Church and Gloucester. As a Pilgrim, I anticipated driving in the primary tent peg for the Northeast somewhere near Plymouth harbor. But the Holy Spirit clearly directed us to emphasize Gloucester MA instead.

What’s important about Gloucester is how this fishing town survived and recovered from the original “Perfect Storm.” On October 31, 1991 a hurricane smashed ashore and devastated the town, killing a fishing crew caught in its wrath. A book and film by this name forever sealed the journey of this town in the heart of America. This is so important to understand prophetically.

From the moment this journey began in Gloucester, God met us with signs in the earth and sky. As we entered the park with Donna Milham and team, the first thing we saw was a bride and groom posing for pictures. By a gazebo, the next best thing to a bridal canopy!

We then walked out to a jetty to peg in this northeast corner and celebrate God’s covenantal faithfulness. As we hammered in the tent peg, an X formed in brilliant light in the sunset sky. This X literally took the form of a cross!

Prophetic Picture–Surviving the Perfect Storm
Years ago in New Jersey, Chuck saw how a massive storm would signal a dramatic change for America as we’ve known it. How our Constitutional rights and freedoms were going to be threatened to the core, as key cities aligned with an anti-christian power structure.

I pondered Chuck’s insights in light of the clear revelation the Holy Spirit had spoken to me. As another Perfect Storm, Hurricane Sandy was a prophetic warning to us all. Before Sandy hit, we were all praying for the storm to shift right and go out to sea. Because if the storm shifted left, it would converge with another to literally become a replay of 1991’s Perfect Storm.

I felt this was a clear warning about the elections. That if the storm of the elections shifted right, we would be safe. If the storm of the elections shifted left, an ungodly convergence could create a “Perfect Storm” for America.

Tent Peg 1: Shelter from the Storm–Your Survival!
What is God saying? As we saw the cross in the sky while pegging in the Bridal Canopy at twilight, I felt that we were literally pegging in His Shelter from the Storm. I also know it is vitally important for us to “secure the secret place” in our states and regions. In the midst of the Perfect Storm, the only safe place is in His shelter.

Tent Peg 2: Watchman Bride–God’s Homeland Security!
The southwest tent peg was secured near a lighthouse overlooking the San Diego harbor. This park is very close to both a Homeland Security post and a naval station. As we finished praying and prepared to hammer in this tent peg, God gave us an exclamation point. Five fighter jets shot past us into the sky!

It was interesting how God orchestrated our team. Tamara Seymour, a key intercessor in the area, introduced us to our new friends DJ and Grace Wang, directors of the Upper Room House of Prayer. A few years ago, the Wangs, who emigrated from Taiwan, purchased a home on Lamplighter Road. As they googled Lamplighter, they found us–and felt God would one day orchestrate a time to meet.

Driving in a tent peg in San Diego on November 11–what a time to connect! We later discovered how the Lord had led them to fashion a bridal canopy inside their house of prayer. Holy Spirit met us with tangible power as we together received an impartation of the Watchman anointing!

I’m beginning to see how each tent peg carries a Holy Spirit mandate from the Lord. The theme of the first peg is securing our shelter from the Perfect Storm. Let your X be transformed into a Bridal Canopy! The second peg conveys how we must now be a watchman bride, guarding and protecting God’s dream for our land!

Covenantal Right of Possession
Again, these mandates are secured by Christ’s covenantal right of possession. Let me close with a promise for you–one of the most potent in the entirety of the Word. “THE COVENANT I have made with you, you shall not forget, nor shall you fear other gods; but The Lord your God you shall fear, and He shall deliver you from the hand of every adversary” (II Kings 17:38-9).

A we realign with Christ’s covenant with us, He grants deliverance from the hand of every adversary. He is our shelter from the storm. As our faithful Bridegroom, He will guard and protect you. And He will guard and protect His covenant dream for our land.

Covenant blessings to you! With great affection,
Jon & Jolene

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